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One of the most fascinating videos I've watched this year was a video interview from The New Yorker featuring Alexandra Bell's work where she rewrites front page news to strongly highlight how subtly (and not so subtly) racism is perpetuated in our headlines. Through deconstructing language and imagery she points out how much media representation is/can be biased when it comes to people of color. I immediately thought of her work when I realized it took over 24 hours for me to find out about Nia Wilson (and I live in the Bay Area). I found out about her brutal murder through Instagram, not the news. When I typed in her name in Google, I assumed I would find this story covered on every single major news outlet. I was wrong. CNN, The Times, The Post - the list is long - none of the major outlets had picked up this very important story. Her murder happened on Sunday, and just yesterday I started seeing this story on major outlets. And even then, the injustice in reporting this story has been colossal. Showing images of her holding a gun, as though that somehow erases the fact that an innocent life was taken in broad daylight at a train station. She wasn't violent, she had hopes and dreams like most 18 year olds do. I can somewhat understand the argument that the police and news don't want to call the murderer a white nationalist until they have evidence of that. But it made me think of all the times any person of color is called a terrorist with little or no evidence, and how much it takes to call a white murderer a terrorist, or a racist. When I watched Nia's father speak about his loss, I had tears in my eyes and thought of all the stories in this country that don't make the headlines, and how many of those stories involve people of color. I linked that video featuring Alexandra Bell's work in my bio - please watch it. It's important to know what we are being fed when we read the news, and how much that changes our views of the story. A gun holding girl killed or an 18 year old girl with hopes of a career in criminal justice murdered while protecting her sister. #SayHerName #NiaW

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