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On the red sand beaches of Greece! In prayer and thanksgiving. I can’t help but pray for all the people here affected by the fires. You’re in my heart and in my prayers.


  • 4w ago mmclarke3 mmclarke3

    We all love you just the way you are. We will continue to support you on every step of your journey, although you may never meet all of us whom are there for you Taylor.

  • 4w ago ma.cherie.amour ma.cherie.amour

    .... Truth Be Told..... I "despise" some of you mainly because of the way you make him "LOOK" #Weak, #Deceitful, and "ACT{" #SELFISH , #Abusive, #Manipulative".. Lovin' ya'll ain't easy so I don;t even try. #WasteOfTime

  • 4w ago t.meadow01 t.meadow01

    Check DM

  • 3w ago katieeeparis katieeeparis

    Can you please check your DM I'm a 23 year old female trying to make it happen and spread the gospel @tylerperry

  • 3w ago exquisite_ke exquisite_ke

    I love the energy you convey

  • 3w ago ma.cherie.amour ma.cherie.amour

    ... I hope it's "positive" energy 'cause I feel nothing.

  • 3w ago tiamia34 tiamia34

    Love me my Madea

  • 3w ago ma.cherie.amour ma.cherie.amour

    .... I'm glad you do cause lately, I've been feeling NOTHING. I AM NOT feeling the Love for @tylerperry nor any of those characters. Why try to love someone or something that's incapable of reciprocating ,.,... #WasteOfTime

  • 3w ago

    Tyler you are such a blessing to so many people when I hear your sermons your declaration my heart weep because I see so much of you in my son he'd 17 one is,19 they always say momma when I get out if college I'm going to give you and Daddy this and that,but all I want them to do is make it Kenya us a A,,B student he's going to be a Dr a Neurosurgeon we are not rich but I see the blessing of God on my children's.Its been stressful my husband being sick ,I wonder sometimes because we've moved so much my kids have lost so many friends all I want is a home for my kids I worry everyday and I wonder do my kids think I've failed them.

  • 3w ago

    I don't want anything from you I just need to know from you how do u keep from screaming I've lost my voice almost my hope I'm so scared I work two jobs and still can't make it you give the best advice if you don't answer than I'm OK this 😂😂😂😂

  • 3w ago nya_jo_bro nya_jo_bro

    @tylerperry pls read your dm

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    Can you help Princess Autumn get votes? Thank you in advance

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    📚📚📚📚CHECK DM📚📚📚📚📚📚

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  • 2w ago ma.cherie.amour ma.cherie.amour

    .... @tylerperry cannot win every time.... somebody's gotta lose and somebody's gotta play the blues. #KarmaIsABitch

  • 2w ago buie2000 buie2000

    I know your mom is so proud of you ☺ down from heaven. I am proud of you. Always remain humble and don't change.

  • 2w ago kassyj31 kassyj31

    Praise him!

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  • 2w ago nataliebunz nataliebunz

    Please check dm..

  • 2w ago hendrelllaj hendrelllaj

    Live well Tyler Perry!

  • 2w ago johnny.ross.39750 johnny.ross.39750


  • 1w ago lani_hadden lani_hadden

    Just thinking what I could do with this got for Christmas if it was under my tree. Lol I would put a ring on it.

  • 1w ago ma.cherie.amour ma.cherie.amour

    ... @lani_hadden .... You should "unwrap" it first brecause what you see is NOT what you're gonna get!

  • 1w ago ma.cherie.amour ma.cherie.amour

    .. When @tylerperry first stepped to me, I gave him a gentle hug and politely stepped around him. Many were digging for their camera (phones) to take a photo with him but I was not impressed. ... All I saw was a poor country boy harboring some deep-seeded issues….Struggling with shame, guilt, anger, sadness, faith, and sexuality. . I saw a 💔(broken spirit) ... a 🤯 (confused mind).... and a weak little boy. 🛐 ~1518

  • 1w ago ma.cherie.amour ma.cherie.amour

    ... There was a time when @tylerperry had (Tout Mon Amour) in the palm of his hand and he lost it... now they're laughing beind his back every time the bishop show up (he's blind and 😕)

  • 1w ago nursekenya40 nursekenya40

    It's beautiful. I want to go someday.

  • 1w ago lani_hadden lani_hadden

    @ma.cherie.amour lmbo

  • 1w ago lani_hadden lani_hadden

    @lani_hadden better than I expect imam sure

  • 1w ago froshandagrantbell froshandagrantbell

    This is awesome! Do you have another istagram account? if not I have just been possibly scammed by someone posing as you

  • 4d ago jacquelinewilson930 jacquelinewilson930

    Can I work for food for me and my mom please

  • 1d ago ajaylamaar_da_chef ajaylamaar_da_chef

    Good morning everybody... One of the hardest things I ever had to do is walk away from my job.. because one I love what I do, Two I love money.. and 3 I have a lot of bills to take care of lol... I've been off of work for 2 years this month, not receiving disability because im still waiting for a court date to see a judge and I been through a lot of ups and downs from being in pain, to being depressed, In and out of the hospital, having surgeries after surgeries.. just completely tired tired tired of going through all this stuff... the only thing that kept me from going insane or killing myself is because of the Lord... for reminding me that he is not through with me yet... most times when I'm making a post I'm not just writing for you guys but I'm writing for myself.. to encourage me to keep trusting and keep believing... I'm going to see a surgeon on the 24th because I have this big ball that is the sides of my fist in my stomach.. it's bothering me bad on top of my fibromyalgia and God knows I'm tired of being in pain.. but every morning and every night I thank him for allowing me to stay strong and keep going. I've being doing good with my diet and really just keeping to myself because I'm trying to stay focus and not get distracted... But I know the Lord will make away... and I will be back to my normal self and back to work and living my best life lol... I'm going to be alright because I have God on my side.. and I know sooner or later God is about to turn this thang around.... y'all please keep me in y'all prayers...smilez.. y'all have a blessed day.. #tylerperry #Oprah #Ellen #leedaniels #fibromyalgia #pain #faith #nothingbutgod #Jesus #nomorepain #nomoresuffering #cheflife #chef #ineedhelp #pleasepray #depression #focus

  • 1d ago n0limitnuskii n0limitnuskii

    @tylerperry You deserve everything you have right now could i be in one of your movies was always a big dream of mines


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