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On the red sand beaches of Greece! In prayer and thanksgiving. I can’t help but pray for all the people here affected by the fires. You’re in my heart and in my prayers.


  • 1w ago annettejames1_ annettejames1_

    My God! A a word, Tyler you really Blessed me. Got to climb and maintain. Pray and worship!

  • 1w ago annettejames1_ annettejames1_


  • 1w ago annettejames1_ annettejames1_

  • 1w ago __ruth_jessus __ruth_jessus

    Please Tyler Perry help me God gonna help you more🙏

  • 6d ago __ruth_jessus __ruth_jessus


  • 6d ago __ruth_jessus __ruth_jessus

    @tylerperry please help me

  • 6d ago shauneestagram shauneestagram

    📝: Tyyyylerrr! ToDay is. (8/15/18) 📺 #HAHN 🔥🔥🚗💨🏢💫💉🍷⚰️👏👏 🎯👏👏🍸😘

  • 6d ago ren39ew2018 ren39ew2018

    Amen, I hope all is well, with the Fires. God bless u Mr. Tyler Perry.

  • 6d ago threresasmith threresasmith

    I love you so much! I have all your movies and never bought a boot legg!

  • 6d ago 1ladylove 1ladylove

    @tylerperry when is if Loving you is wrong coming back on????? We’ve been waiting and waiting! I don’t want to wait any longer! Please!!

  • 5d ago deshon_castanedo deshon_castanedo


  • 5d ago tenia_pero tenia_pero

    If @tylerperry would come to Dallas Tx and read my first script I’ve written. Give me knowledge and maybe help me figure out my first move😩😩 Don’t say it can’t happen...God is on my side ♥️

  • 5d ago psychiclarry_86 psychiclarry_86

    Love this man

  • 4d ago drtracey5 drtracey5

    THIS.......right here! 😍😍😍👏👏👏👏 Thank you. Psalm 91

  • 4d ago drtracey5 drtracey5

    Ive studied the bible my whole life. Psalm 91 i memorized in college over 25 yrs ago. I saw the video of you at Joel Osteens church. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿 Thank you!!!!! Keep being YOU!!!!!! Hope to meet u one day!❤👍 blessings!!!! @tylerperry

  • 4d ago gogetchuone gogetchuone

    Climb and maintain!!! 🙌🏾 Pray Ave worship!!! I was feeling tired and my fiancée sent me the link and I just heard your messa!! GOD knows that’s he used you to speak to my soul! I praise GOD that he allowed me to hear it and it was right on time! GOD bless you @tylerperry

  • 3d ago takeshalove takeshalove

    Wow @tylerperry I just seen the video of you speaking at the @lakewoodchurch thanks for such a powerful message I now have a little more hope..gonna keep climbing and maintaining... pray & worship ❤

  • 3d ago lovelett_sassy_lovely lovelett_sassy_lovely

    Enjoy every moment Mr Perry 🙌🏾🙌🏾❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • 3d ago issainfamousone issainfamousone

    Can yu check ur dm plz if u don’t mind

  • 3d ago gregorysanon gregorysanon

    Hey Tyler Perry - I like the picture and the energy! I'm in town I was wondering if you want to go grab coffee? #morthersentme

  • 2d ago ma.cherie.amour ma.cherie.amour

    .... Father God, .... Is it a blessing or is it a curse: to see someone in constant battle against demons as they hide behind a facade?

  • 2d ago ma.cherie.amour ma.cherie.amour

    ... sometimes I feel like it's a curse for me to deal with another's demons when they should USE THEIR GOD-GIVEN strength and knowledge to handle it themselves! I develop a hatred for the "fake" life one allows their devilish demons to FORCE them to live (hide behind). Because, after those devious demons finish killing, stealing, and destroying one's earthly life.... it will ALL come out in SPIRIT and in TRUTH!!! 💞

  • 2d ago ma.cherie.amour ma.cherie.amour

    ... On bended knee, I have asked You to remove this CURSE from me many times over the past ten years and to no avail. The battle is not mine Heavenly Father, so "What do You want me to do?" 🙏

  • 2d ago carrious_1st carrious_1st


  • 2d ago hemphealthandwellness hemphealthandwellness

    When is If loving you is wrong coming back?

  • 1d ago ma.cherie.amour ma.cherie.amour

    ... questions.... questions,,.. questions.... where are the answers?

  • 1d ago sweetinspiration_53 sweetinspiration_53

    @tylerperry Dear Mr. Perry Can you please find it in your heart to help me.

  • 1d ago sweetinspiration_53 sweetinspiration_53

    @tylerperry I pray you will see my message.

  • 1d ago ma.cherie.amour ma.cherie.amour

    .... @tylerperry ... can you find it in your heart to help me? I pray you realize that I AM celebate (15 yrs and holding) and choose not to enter into a sexual relationship with anyone or anything. However, I would like to get out of this "spiritual relationship" of sharing God's Love. I ask you to stop being so selfish and let go of the Love God gave you ten years ago so that I can live my last days WITH someone who is not afraid to share?

  • 1d ago ket4au1953 ket4au1953

    I miss u good nite I love u

  • 1d ago sweetypie_nik sweetypie_nik ✊💔 #JUSTICEFORKAYLA #JUSTICEFORMYDAUGHTER #HELPUSGETJUSTICE ✊💔👧

  • 17h ago hylerqueen hylerqueen

    Our Birthdays Are Coming! September 13th. Day Of The Great!..

  • 16h ago ma.cherie.amour ma.cherie.amour

    .....jULwas a good month to celebrate together (birthday, 25 yrs, 10 yrs. anniversary.... so ooooo can we talk about next month? Where is my BMF?

  • 15h ago jasjojoyjrking_me jasjojoyjrking_me

  • 15h ago jasjojoyjrking_me jasjojoyjrking_me

    Please read my story

  • 15h ago ma.cherie.amour ma.cherie.amour

    ... I've been invited to a private party next month in NYC....

  • 13h ago atlantahomesells12 atlantahomesells12

    Truly An Inspiration You Are.

  • 11h ago ma.cherie.amour ma.cherie.amour

    ... @tylerperry are you okay?


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