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#rafsradtips •• Ring Dip modification•• Are ring dips too hard? Box and banded dips getting better? Try this one! It’s awesome because while taking away some body weight, having straight legs makes it a tad spicer 🌶🌶. Benefits of Ring include:🤤🤔💥💥🤯🤯 • Muscle Hypertrophy( aka get jacked!) rings typically require more time under tension. And if tempo is added, then more muscle damage can occur resulting in muscle growth! 🤯🤯 • increased joint strength 💪- since the range of motion is greater, more force must be applied. Over time positive adaptations will occur. •Core control. -gotta check yo self, before you wreck yo self. In order to have safe and effective ring dips, you must be able to control the body through space.

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