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  • 16w ago srod636920 srod636920

    The Democrats were and will b err helped by the Russians

  • 16w ago the_paint_on_don the_paint_on_don

    🇺🇸 the dem party is over! #walkaway

  • 16w ago deb_soto deb_soto

    It’s amazing how the dems turn things around...

  • 16w ago kteff42 kteff42

    @amy_siskind it seems you’re projecting

  • 16w ago jon_the_brown jon_the_brown

    Can you explain what an alternative truth is? I was always taught truth/lie. Not truth/alternative truth

  • 16w ago iconic_industries_inc iconic_industries_inc

    They confuse even themselves.

  • 16w ago papa14usa papa14usa

    Demand voter ID laws.

  • 16w ago mondo360design mondo360design

    This lady and their leaders are not true democrats but the Real Nazis and Antifa is the brown shirts

  • 16w ago 208actor.singer 208actor.singer

    Well I like to deal in facts and not speculation but the only people that I see convinced by the Deep State tactics to destroy Trump are the people that already hate Trump and always have hated Trump. I can't say I've seen any real change more people like Trump better than ever. It remains to be seen if it's policies work. Considering then non-stop character assassination by the billionaire Elite Democrat globalists it's a miracle that he's accomplished so much in his first year and a half.

  • 16w ago annieblue222 annieblue222

    🤔 😁😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🇺🇸😙💜

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