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I was supposed to go on a family trip to Asia back in 2015 but life happened and the next thing I knew, I was on ABDC with @kinjaz 🐯✊️ I remember my mom voting for us from her sister’s house in Vietnam at weird hours of the day/night and, although I knew I was where I was meant to be, I also wished I could’ve been on that trip. 3 years later and here we are...with all the glory that tourism with Asian parents have to offer. Thankful that my career could give me unforgettable times with those I love most || Missing my sister @alinaleely and @gobenjigo and of course, my adorable niece #AulaniRaine || thankful for my love @kneeenur for being the one I’ve dreamed about seeing the world with. ❤️ #kinatallcosts


  • 16w ago jawnsrabbit jawnsrabbit

    不到长城非好汉Not to the Great Wall is not a hero

  • 16w ago liusa521521 liusa521521

    A happy family ❤❤❤

  • 16w ago zayaispretty zayaispretty


  • 16w ago jxnniferhernandez jxnniferhernandez


  • 16w ago nguyen_m nguyen_m

    @_anthonylee_ , is that your dad? He looks like what my dad looked like. Seeing this post made me cry cuz I miss mine. Cherish every moment. 💜😭

  • 16w ago arnelcalvario arnelcalvario

    Love this! Good for you brotha! 🙌🏽👌🏽💙✨

  • 16w ago l3warrior l3warrior

    Are y’all gonna be dancing on world of dance again???

  • 16w ago haraaki429 haraaki429

    I have to hold back my tears in the office while reading. I should unfollow Anthony, people are starting to ask questions. 😢

  • 16w ago alinaleely alinaleely


  • 16w ago bam_martin bam_martin

    & you were still doin work while you were out there. Crazy guy. It made me happy to be there to witness your parents experience the greatness you’ve created. Enjoy all the family time, you fkn deserve it bro. ❤️

  • 16w ago mpact_lor mpact_lor

    Blessings brother 🙏🏼♥️

  • 16w ago deliciousconquests deliciousconquests


  • 16w ago ry_boogie ry_boogie

    You’re an amazing son and leader bro!

  • 16w ago yatoups yatoups


  • 16w ago just_crane just_crane

    you deserve it❤❤❤

  • 16w ago svanire_ svanire_

    That caption 💓 everyone wishes this in their life #happyforyou

  • 16w ago lirisss lirisss


  • 16w ago lpdavidlee lpdavidlee

    Love this bro! 🙌🏽

  • 16w ago mallysyang mallysyang

    That hard work paying off for moments like this. :)

  • 16w ago _x.jy_ _x.jy_

    Well deserved and happy for you!!! 👏🏼👍🏼 Enjoy your quality time @_anthonylee_ ❤️

  • 16w ago nahgooyin nahgooyin


  • 16w ago cancerianmj cancerianmj

    #family is ♥️

  • 16w ago angela_yuan86 angela_yuan86

    Just relax yourself , enjoy the family time. Cause there is still a long way to go when u back👊👊

  • 16w ago tuongduy_ tuongduy_

    Việt Nam

  • 16w ago lifeofsandyy lifeofsandyy

    Absolutely love your stuff 🙏😍

  • 16w ago seylesh_subba seylesh_subba

    Yo. We in the same country. We are basically the same visually. Lets meet up and dance. I'm not good buuttt who cares, school me.

  • 16w ago curles99 curles99

    My sister was just there! Did you ride the slide down. Heard it’s breath taking.

  • 16w ago bboynick90 bboynick90


  • 16w ago swag.gang.india swag.gang.india

    @bam_martin .. Absolutely ryt bro.. The greatness @_anthonylee_ has created from the time he made up his mind in 2012 (around that year) to finally fulfil his dreams.. reintroduced (i'd say) @kinjaz followed by @kinjazdojo n @kinjazdojochina .. An in zillion other ways inspired the dance community globally.. He totally earns it.. ONE LIFETIME 💯❤️ ___

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  • 16w ago fraser.ww fraser.ww

    @cedella__s just missed him😣

  • 16w ago fel1nephoen1x fel1nephoen1x

    I got emotional seeing your parents walk through the dojo and when you zoomed in on your dad, ugh tears. Enjoy vacation time with your fam ❤️❤️❤️

  • 16w ago armanifang armanifang


  • 16w ago phaminated phaminated

    I miss you guys already

  • 16w ago reireing reireing

    👍1⃣ 🍅

  • 16w ago rodriguez.jayar rodriguez.jayar


  • 16w ago fuog17cm fuog17cm

    Your mother is a Vietnamese guy??

  • 16w ago liztantaylor liztantaylor

    Muti Ayu is great! Good choice

  • 16w ago sunnyissmiling sunnyissmiling

    Glad to see ya visit my hometown Taiwan.
    I’m your fan from 6years ago!
    Hope you guys had a good time and come to visit next time❤️

  • 14w ago ann.nguyen_87 ann.nguyen_87


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