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  • 17w ago sandyfone sandyfone

    How I would love one of those!! They look delicious 💕💕💕

  • 17w ago catherinehlowry catherinehlowry

    Omg clotted cream is my most cherished memory from our London trip... besides hanging out with you or course 😂

  • 17w ago myggie_ myggie_

    I am devastated to learn that you stack your toppings incorrectly. Just one more thing we disagree on, Robin. 😭😭😭

  • 17w ago robin.daly robin.daly

    @myggie_ clotted cream isn’t a “topping” it is an essential, a fundamental component, like butter. I pity those who see it as a luxury, I really do. Us Devoners, it courses through our veins - we don’t dollop it precariously on top of the thinnest smear of cheap jam. I’m sorry @myggie_ such a parsimonious existence must be miserable.

  • 17w ago myggie_ myggie_

    @robin.daly a fundamental component! Like me! 💁🏻‍♂️💁🏻‍♂️💁🏻‍♂️

  • 17w ago robin.daly robin.daly

    @catherinehlowry of course! 🤣 I don’t mind playing second fiddle to the glory of clotted cream!

  • 17w ago robin.daly robin.daly

    @sandyfone sooooo good and the cream comes from a deep tray that’s always found in the fridge! 🤤

  • 16w ago birchyroo birchyroo

    Look at all that jam slipping off your poorly constructed cream tea. Tsk! #kernow

  • 16w ago sandyfone sandyfone

    @robin.daly ❤❤❤❤

  • 16w ago robin.daly robin.daly

    @birchyroo #kerohno

  • 16w ago simonthetenor simonthetenor

    Wait. But you do scone, butter, cream and then jam?

  • 16w ago simonthetenor simonthetenor

    I do scone (rhymes with gone) butter, jam, and then cream.

  • 16w ago surfersimon60 surfersimon60

    @robin.daly spot on my lad!

  • 16w ago robin.daly robin.daly

    @simonthetenor yeah why not eh? Since when have saturated fats been a bad thing?! Spread ‘em!

  • 14w ago archerhurst archerhurst

    Glad to see you ‘doing it’ correctly old chap!

  • 14w ago robin.daly robin.daly

    @archerhurst as if I’d ever do it the wrong way @birchyroo

  • 14w ago birchyroo birchyroo

    @robin.daly #tsk

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