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  • 8w ago mondo360design mondo360design

    This assclown is the opposite of funny just like all these new comics

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  • 8w ago shippingmonster shippingmonster

    Death penalty

  • 8w ago libby3libby libby3libby

    This man needs to go to prison. General population. He'll find out what they got in store from him.

  • 8w ago btreniii_37 btreniii_37


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  • 8w ago bowie_14gli bowie_14gli

    Have any of you seen his stand up? He is the definition of offensive. His entire bit is nothing but that. These are jokes. In bad taste, yes but nonetheless jokes. While i understand everyone is digging for these fowl individuals(pedos) and their wrong doings. I agree they should burn at the stake for their actions but It's important to know that not everyone who makes jokes about it is actually a pedo.

  • 8w ago rudolfo210 rudolfo210

    This dude should get ass banged by Mandingo style porn stars!


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