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Absolutely love this by @brianbstanley - peaceful chaos, I'd imagine, that time between times of where you gotta be, what you gotta do, whilst you're 100 miles off the ground and can just... Exist.


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  • 25w ago theiamlpofficialfan theiamlpofficialfan

    Beautiful caption 😘

  • 25w ago

    @theiamlpofficialfan just what it made me think of. Actually I think of that every time I fly tbh lol... When you're flying you just exist and can't be anywhere or do anything for that whole time!!

  • 25w ago svetlana_shalieieva svetlana_shalieieva

    That's good just to be aware of where you are. But sometimes I use time in transport to finish my work, even if the trip lasts several minutes😀

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