Instagram post by @firebirdfit Zahra Khimji

Sunday’s here, and it’s the perfect time to prepare for your week. That means having a list of goals for the week, organising your meals, getting your clothes prepped, having a vision board ready for your next project and so forth. But if you’re a busy mum like me, you’re probably not sure how to ‘do it all’. I’m not sure either as I am still figuring it out, including getting myself and my work in order. So I decided to do ONE thing this week and focus on that, and for me, that is to create a routine for my household so that I can then schedule in study and practice time, get to the gym, prep my wholesome lunches and get my breakfasts back in. Big challenge with a newborn and a little minion running around! If you’re scheduling in a workout, think about incorporating exercises that cover all planes of movement. Lots of flexion, extension and rotation of the body and you’re in for a good workout. Have a great and productive week ahead mamas!

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