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Nothing but swimsuits all weekend!!! Florida treat me right on the weather, Im trying to keep it grown and sexy out here!!!! #grownandsexy #nyomibanxxx #goddessnyomi #swimduitsonly #vintagebeauty #thickthighs #missingaboattho #supalva #nbxproduction #goddessunleased #bdsm #worship


  • 8w ago acefett acefett

    Nice πŸ‘πŸ½

  • 8w ago godmama87 godmama87

    Have fun Nyomi

  • 8w ago thor6939 thor6939

    That scenery is almost as beautiful as you are, enjoy your time in Florida pretty goddess😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • 8w ago richmond.boyce richmond.boyce

    beautiful scene but not as beautiful as you homie .! you're such a beautiful Queen nyomi

  • 8w ago bkbogieman bkbogieman

    Can't wait to see u tomorrow

  • 8w ago raguu007 raguu007

    You in Miami @therealnyomibanxxx

  • 8w ago eliess_l.e.s eliess_l.e.s

    That's Easy for you Babygirl! Have fun...take pics...we'll be here when ya get back.😎

  • 8w ago richardmiszler richardmiszler


  • 8w ago msleofla msleofla

    What part of Florida

  • 8w ago msleofla msleofla

    Nice and siren

  • 8w ago tregattepesti tregattepesti


  • 8w ago sadastronaut sadastronaut

    Weather will be good, hot as shit tho lol

  • 8w ago jgw111 jgw111

    MIA is nice place to go


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