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"Not only does Ring help keep our little family safe, but it also keeps a watchful eye on packages we have coming in and out of our home. Hubby loves the security benefits of our Spotlight Cam, but I actually think he loves the fun it has brought to his day-to-day even more." — Sandra Olinger (@grimydiapers)⠀

Security, convenience, and peace of mind all in one device. Because with Ring, you're #AlwaysHome.


  • 16w ago fredrickmelero fredrickmelero

    When will you guys have the indoor camera available @ring

  • 16w ago mssahara12 mssahara12

    Love my ring doorbell and floodlight cam!

  • 16w ago ring ring

    @fredrickmelero Hey, Fredrick! We have no news to share at this time. To receive updates and to stay in the know, please feel free to submit your email to to receive the latest updates.

  • 16w ago ring ring

    @mssahara12 We're glad you're enjoying your Ring Doorbell and Floodlight, Neighbor. Thanks for being part of the Ring community.

  • 16w ago zmyersofficial zmyersofficial

    I gotta get these flood light cams!!!

  • 16w ago recombinantdna recombinantdna

    @ring the motion detector on my Ring Doorbell 2 is driving me crazy! First the video started recording way too late, so I couldn’t see who was walking on my property - so I increased the distance that the zones extended out in attempt to trigger the motion earlier. Now that I’ve increased the zone area, the motion is being triggered by nothing - every 10 minutes! It’s not even passing cars, or small animals that is triggering the motion - it’s nothing! How do I fix this?

  • 16w ago ring ring

    @recombinantdna Hey Neighbor, this is not the experience we want you to have with your Ring Doorbell 2. We'd like to take a look at what's causing the motion detection delay and inconsistencies. Please give us a call anytime at 1.800.656.1918 (or if you're outside the US:

  • 16w ago recombinantdna recombinantdna

    @ring thanks!

  • 16w ago bya003 bya003

    We just purchased a ring doorbell and it stops recording after 30 seconds when not answered but the people are still at our door is that normal? @ring

  • 15w ago lisamottt lisamottt

    I love our ring, but how long is this wait going to be for customer service? Both of our devices were logged and and we can’t get logged back in. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • 15w ago lisamottt lisamottt

    It was a 20 min wait, but she took care of the issue! Thank you!!

  • 15w ago ring ring

    @lisamottt We appreciate your patience and are glad to know our support team was able to assist! Thanks for being part of the Ring community, Neighbor. :)

  • 15w ago jewelrystore00 jewelrystore00

    Gorgeous! Love it!

  • 12w ago movesathletix movesathletix


  • 11w ago tommydrummondjr76 tommydrummondjr76

    @ring m

  • 2w ago bentleyblonde bentleyblonde

    This would be amazing in our nursery!!😍

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