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caption this🤪
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  • 33w ago x.nikolle.x x.nikolle.x

    You know I ain't cheating

  • 33w ago insight.and.a.raised.fist insight.and.a.raised.fist

    When people say they’re a glam and gore fan then they say what’s a zombae?

  • 33w ago x.nikolle.x x.nikolle.x

    When you come home at 4am and your mom is sitting on the couch waiting

  • 33w ago j.j.davinee j.j.davinee

    When you realize you look like just eyes and eyebrows because your a ghost

  • 33w ago jamerlamey jamerlamey

    “That moment when you realize you may have just sharted your pants.” 🤷‍♀️

  • 33w ago 603_all_the_way 603_all_the_way

    When your boyfriend is saying some dumb sh#t

  • 33w ago hello_im_dying666 hello_im_dying666

    When your fave sfx artist is back on tinder again

  • 33w ago justhaveluciddreams justhaveluciddreams

    “So want to go and get some food”

  • 33w ago flick_winrow flick_winrow

    When someone disses scab blood😂

  • 33w ago lxmonteeth lxmonteeth

    When you in the middle if getting ready and he texts you "I'm here"

  • 33w ago testamtestam95 testamtestam95

    @mykie_ -is only about brows this month

  • 33w ago elana_wessels elana_wessels

    Never underestimate the power of an eyebrow #browsonfleek

  • 33w ago chokeyourselftosleep chokeyourselftosleep

    “i don’t have any weed :/“ vs “u wanna hit this blunt w me?”

  • 32w ago lisarivers_ lisarivers_

    When your friend wants to go out and you know they know you have no money

  • 32w ago kevins_baby_ kevins_baby_

    When your friend tells someone something but you know they lying...

  • 32w ago addison_french_ addison_french_

    That look your mom gives you when you forgot to do what she asked you to five mins ago

  • 32w ago isa_au_loin isa_au_loin

    When the lady at the mall do your eyesbrows

  • 32w ago badasss_hailey badasss_hailey

    When your bestfriend tells you good tea, but they lying

  • 32w ago slothsual.zombae slothsual.zombae

    When your friend says she didn't get back with her ex

  • 32w ago maskedfigure46427 maskedfigure46427

    Lol mykie looks. So different in this picture to all her videos

  • 32w ago ashleydvermont ashleydvermont

    when u find out they mix their white and colors in the wash

  • 32w ago isabellarosemaldonado isabellarosemaldonado

    When your friend says to text her back and she don’t answer 😂

  • 32w ago anniwalezka anniwalezka

    Wow. That's tiny

  • 32w ago keely_barnard keely_barnard

    This shit don’t add up

  • 32w ago schizophrenic_artist schizophrenic_artist

    When they say their foundation matches but hunnie you know better...

  • 32w ago kylee28smith kylee28smith

    I do it for you but I really hate it. Love you Zombaes

  • 32w ago pcheckosis pcheckosis

    Dead inside 💀

  • 32w ago moakuritzen moakuritzen

    When he asks you if you're ready to go but you're only done with your base

  • 32w ago thing_in_your_closet thing_in_your_closet

    When your mom asks why you own 5 different body pillows but you don't wanna tell her you're just lonely

  • 32w ago rawesome_cat rawesome_cat

    @moakuritzen this is great! 😂😂

  • 32w ago rosswalkerart rosswalkerart

    When u say “don’t send D picks!” Opens phone and sees a D pick. Haha

  • 31w ago esterflonaze esterflonaze

    WOMAN. let’s get togetha ova coffee and bagels and tawk about mennnn

  • 31w ago makeupbybirna makeupbybirna

    Love you so so much💕😍😍

  • 31w ago josielynn9332 josielynn9332

    The chick from orange is the new black dunken

  • 24w ago lunauke lunauke

    How Donald Duck feels vs how he comes across

  • 24w ago lunauke lunauke

    Me when I wake up vs when I go out

  • 23w ago daniealle81 daniealle81

    This expression so reminds me of an old SNL skit Debbie Downer

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