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Let's take a walk in the park! Detail from the quilt “Plaza San Martin" by Karen McCarty. See it in the new "Landscapes" exhibit at Quilt Festival in Houston!


  • 19w ago warmfolk warmfolk

    Oh wow! I zoomed past this and thought it was a photo! I had to take a second look. It’s spectacular!! 💕✨

  • 19w ago jhalpern18 jhalpern18


  • 19w ago lowryap57 lowryap57


  • 19w ago sharstark7 sharstark7

    Wonderful and inspiring!

  • 19w ago quiltinstitches quiltinstitches

    Insane!! I thought it was two real women, walking into a quilt display!!! Is it??? ❤️❤️❤️

  • 19w ago ethnicembroidery ethnicembroidery


  • 19w ago metaphysical_quilter metaphysical_quilter

    I’m excited to one of the Landscape artists. Hope to see these wonderful quilts

  • 19w ago mpk1010cox mpk1010cox

    Amazing!! Can’t wait to see it!!!

  • 19w ago mrsfaxio mrsfaxio

    Oh my, wow!

  • 19w ago terridanielscurry terridanielscurry

    Wow! Soooo cool!!

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