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Can you feel the presence of the virtuous goddess 🧖🏼‍♀️MINERVA at your back? There is nothing in the #romanempire 🏛 that her silent, guiding hand has not touched. Our great cities are blessed with her gifts: arts🏺, trade🤝, and strategy🛡. This is a unique tile-laying resource-management strategy #game that relies on cunning spacial strategy and intense #competition for timing of actions between opponents. I could definitely see that.. but it's just not the type of game for me😞. #boardgame #boardgames #boardgamegeek #bgg #brætspil #brettspiel #bordspel #jeuxdesociete #jocsdetaula #giocodatavolo #juegosdemesa #tabletopgames #minerva #roman #gamestagram #gamenight @pandasaurus_games


  • 17w ago deductionseduction deductionseduction

    Is this new ?

  • 17w ago monapalmeira monapalmeira

    @jpalmeira interessante

  • 17w ago pandasaurus_games pandasaurus_games

    She’s looking gorgeous! Glad to see Minerva in gamer’s hands!!

  • 17w ago the_cajun_gamer the_cajun_gamer

    We just got ours yesterday! Pictures to follow this weekend.

  • 17w ago boardgame.librarian boardgame.librarian

    Thank you for a review! I have been waiting to see some. What didn't jive for you?

  • 17w ago elinejansens elinejansens

    @pandasaurus_games The box ks sooooo pretty and the tiles, the wooden resources and metal coins all fit together nicely. I only didn't understand why the roman number 4 was written "IIII" instead of "IV"? For me the game is a bit too much long term planning, but I think fans of that genre needs to give this one a try!

  • 17w ago elinejansens elinejansens

    @deductionseduction This was a KS that's now reaching the backers. I believe it's a 2nd edition of the game designed by Hisashi Hayashi, designer of Trains and Yokohama.

  • 17w ago elinejansens elinejansens

    @boardgame.librarian For me the long term planning was difficult. The design is fine, just not my style of game.

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