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My sad attempt at recreating yesterday’s lunch. At least it tasted good!! Spring rolls with lettuce, cilantro, cabbage, carrots, cucumber, & avocado #lunchideas #lunch #eatyourveggies #healthyfood #springrolls #vegan #plantbased


  • 26w ago

    This is a good picture but I don’t know if it is because of good lighting or place… maybe composition 😉👍

  • 26w ago fit.princess1 fit.princess1

    Omg it looks so yummy🍕 would you like to answer the questions under my posts? I would like to know your opinion, thank you😘

  • 25w ago

    Mine used to be loose until I discovered putting the wet roll papers onto my wooden cutting board so they stuck well which meant I could easily pull the rolls tightly... hope this helps?

  • 25w ago kale_and_kids kale_and_kids

    @claire_heals_her_arthritis Thanks so much for the tip!!

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