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#Acrimony still causing a stir all around the world. This made me laugh. I can’t understand everything they are saying, but I love the passion!


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    Whoa! I was not ready! ... very emphatic fellow! 😊

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    😭😭🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️ kinda lost in translation but still laughing hard. Eyes have not seen? Lol @tylerperry

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    This movie 😩😩😩 @fashionevesta_

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    @thenkemmarchie you’re not baby 🤦🏾‍♀️

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    I agree dis gal is smart

  • 6d ago

    He was at fault. He just came back with 10million dollar and keys to her mum's house. He would have fought a lil more and not to sign the papers so easily. She really sacrificed too much. He didn't even think of doing all those things he promised her with someone else. It was the same girl he cheated on his wife with in the past. I still can't get over the movie. It was really heart breaking. It also affected her mentally. She was totally wrecked. I don't pray for this to happen to a loved one or an enemy.

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    They’re speaking some Yoruba — my mother tongue. I have to pray for your tongues interpretation gift Tyler. Lmao..Sent you a DM few mins ago. Pls take a look. New award winning movie script I’d like us to discuss ASAP.

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    Lol. Nigeria. My people.

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    lol...naija don blow

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    Yoruba people don come....😁😁😁😁😁

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    Passion for sure...I don't usually watch movies more than once...but I definitely will view this again.

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    @iammimihakeem I don’t know y u guys always forgot dat dis lady chased d nigga out for anoda nigga without even considering if he’s ok or not,,,instead she was busy taking dick from another nigga,,,Godamn dat guy was too good abeg

  • 5d ago viki_fancy_things viki_fancy_things

    After watching it I became very sad. Did you even notice she became older than the said side chic?! How can you drain your woman like that... I can't wait for it to be a lie that she didn't drown 🤔🤔

  • 5d ago adeoyin_1 adeoyin_1

    Hello...the movie acrimony is wow!While watching the movie,I mean the first 30minutes of the movie,I hated it, I didn't want to watch it no more but then I thought about it and said @tylerperry and @tarajiphenson wouldn't do no dumb movie!At the beginning, the girl was more like a big fool.I mean always giving him money,sold her mothers house which was given to her as an inheritance and d guy kept on collecting the money...yo!the guy was soooo poor!Lol..I'm a teenager and i think that d love that girl had towards d guy was somehow u the beginning of the movie it was more like a one sided love,i would say the guy just liked her.i mean,he cheated on her with that bitch!i give you my money,my heart,my commitment,sorry my money again and you go cheat on me!oh god I would do something worse,very worse!I just couldnt understand that love...i actually thought d guy was gonna dupe her...but then their marriage lasted....she paid the bills..electricity...she helped him a lot...way too much!That kinda love is irritating!She tried...she really the end it was looking like she's been the one holding that contract cos he got d contract after she left.she was stressed to the extent DAT anylil mistake could cost both their marriages.she married a failure,but she loved him,wanted to stay with him,she was miserable she didn't want to divorce him but she did...I would say what triggered the divorce thoughts was when she saw the same girl's purse she caught him with years ago in the truck!she went crazy which is normal. She was done with patience ....she divorced him...she was done with trust.Of course she'ld be jealous....d same bitch you cheated on me with is riding in my private jet!she has my sex!my boat!my house! By law she hád...the guy knew who he married.he knew she wouldnt want to have that law talk.I really cannot remember d movie vividly cos its been months since I saw it

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  • 5d ago funnyolaitan funnyolaitan

    @tylerperry Bia Nigeria let's teach you the language

  • 5d ago deanarinho_official deanarinho_official

    Wow! They just pulled some Yoruba in there. OMO YORUBA

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    😹😹😹😹. 9jareviews I love it!!!!

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    @instablog9ja @krakstv @famousblogng @chinnysblog_backup_account

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    Nigeria is wonderful

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    The film confuse some people,up till now people r still wondering whose fault...but all I could say is...the both of them mess up. Where I got angry with d girl is when she allowed her sisters to decide how her marriage will go knowing fully well that her sisters marriage is fucked up..she was kinda tired of d marriage already. Waking communication... Nothing, just go to spare time to go out as couples at least.yes we agree that he had a dream,but don't let it take ur attention fully n forget d little things that seems nothing but its also one of these things that spice up marriage.

  • 4d ago blessingonosswag blessingonosswag

    @adeoyin_1 yes

  • 4d ago blessingonosswag blessingonosswag

    @adeoyin_1 he knows she has anger issue...n he knows that its because of that same girl they had issue n lost her seeing her purse again can make her spark...what is there to just explain to her. But rather he was trying to sweep it under d carpet...making her to believe that they r having an affair again.

  • 4d ago blessingonosswag blessingonosswag

    @adeoyin_1 not so...look very well,even when he went for d interview, they weren't buying the idea at first...that other girl is in a higher position in d company so she can buy her way in to make sure they give him d contract

  • 3d ago adeoyin_1 adeoyin_1

    @blessingonosswag I know right??he couldn't man up to explain...I don't really blame him cos I think anything he was going to say at that point wouldn't make her change her mind

  • 3d ago adeoyin_1 adeoyin_1

    @blessingonosswag he could av paid the girl in a way of showing appreciation... Not marrying her!

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    @rhinofoggs why you no tell me this movie tey tey 🤣people dey drink Panadol

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    @adeoyin_1 yeah...and I know what even made her to act like that, is seeing him getting married to the same girl that cause their first trouble n seeing that same girl pregnant for him...had it been it was another girl,maybe d story will be a little bit different... He claim to love her but didn't fight for it even when divorce came into d matter... Sometimes during d state of pressure n temptations ,many things tends to happen. U can make a whole lot of decision n regrets it later.

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    @adorableeze lol

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    @tylerperry Acrimony made people had different views...some negative,some positive. We had hangout with a friend,singing gospel songs...n we were looking for a topic to talk on...and every one just said ACRIMONY... The movie taught so many things n not just one thing at all...

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    Should have put up subtitles.

  • 2d ago adeoyin_1 adeoyin_1

    @blessingonosswag wait the girl was pregnant? Who was Pregnant? I don't think I heard or saw anything like's been months since I saw the movie.....the guy fucked up...he knew she loves him and didn't mean d divorce.. She wanted the best for him

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