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#Acrimony still causing a stir all around the world. This made me laugh. I can’t understand everything they are saying, but I love the passion!


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    @beezanie_nain Thank you. I'd have thought the lessons should be focused on rather than taking sides. They all messed up, simple!

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    @iamqueenkayja I think you might still maintain your stand when you watch it. Before I watched it, I was more on the side of Melinda because of the reviews I came across but as the movie progressed, I became angry with her and then angry with the man and then more angry with her. I think both of them messed up and I think she should have counted her losses and walked (the first time, when she caught him with someone else and second time, when he still chose that someone else) but she allowed her untamed rage to destroy her both times.

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    @denisesmithofficial Cut her some slack! You think it's easy to spend all your inheritance supporting a spouse's dream for 18 long years with nothing to show for it and then keep cool when he tells you he can't take a certain amount of money that you know will save you from becoming homeless (the home you mortgaged because of his dreams) especially when you just found some evidence that he's probably been in touch with the same woman you caught him with years ago, which led to the eventual loss of your womb and he's also just cost your siblings a major loss in their business? Oh, please! You think at that point she'd be thinking rationally about how it's not good enough to settle for $800k when she was about to become homeless because of his dreams? It's easy to sit on the other side and pile all the blame on her. She messed up big time, definitely so, but the man is not completely exonerated too. He leeched on her right from the beginning. He knew how to appeal to her emotions to get stuff from her. As soon as he got her to buy him a car, what did he do? Hop in bed with another woman and sidelined her until she went after him and caught him pants down. He might have loved her but he also had alterior motives for being with her - her money. He withheld information about his time in prison from her; he was totally gonna be financially dependent on her by reason of that and he conveniently kept that information to himself. He knew what he was doing. He knew why he married her. He needed someone to fund his dreams and she was the perfect candidate. He wasn't a completely good person. I blame her more though, she was a mumu for far too long.

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    @mr_sharpman Everyone of them played a part in this. Robert isn't completely free of blame too. He had a big dream but his wife carried all the burden of funding the dream. He hid the information about his inability to get a white-collar job due to his time in jail and didn't tell her until she was caving in under heavy financial burden (working 2 jobs to sustain him and his big dream after all her inheritance went down the drain) and had to ask him to get a job. Even at that, he could have tried getting a blue-collar job (he didn't hesitate to do that when he found himself homeless, did he) just so he could support her a bit but no, he had his pride and a big dream. Well, why didn't he do every odd job he could find to also fund this big dream of his? Perhaps her sisters shouldn't have meddled but it can't be easy seeing their sister work herself to the bone while her husband is busy chasing a dream for donkey years. Years of emotional/financial strain can take its toll on anyone and while I agree that Melinda did not handle the certain situations well, Robert also had a significant part to play in all that happened. He was no saint in this movie.

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    @ahyo2nde *certain situations*........ By the way, I'm wondering if it was Melinda who had a big dream and would not move her butt to pitch in financially but drained every last penny of Robert's finances on her big dream, wouldn't we call her a gold digger?🤔

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    @ronkusbaby42 Diana became pregnant while they were engaged, not before. I think that's what she meant. Yes, we can't say Robert was a failure but he was a leech. He could have done odd jobs to fund his dream or at least support his wife financially but he sat his butt home while she slaved for both of them. That was not fair! A good person does not leech on others. He was also so consumed with this dream that he wasn't even emotionally available for her. Their relationship was more parasitic in nature, one person enjoying all thw perks while the other slaved for it. She was financially, emotionally, physically drained for 18 years plus and you say she was not patient enough? Very easy to say! Everyone has a breaking point. Perhaps she reached her breaking point when she (they) was (were) almost becoming homeless and discovered that instead of coming through (by making that delivery) he went after his dream again and well, he refused to take money that would get them out of their current predicament (of course, he knew his dream's worth and won't settle for less but don't blame Melinda if she didn't see reason at that moment...even Diana thought he should take that money to get out of his predicament) and what's more, she also found out he'd been in touch with same woman whose existence in their lives had made her lose her womb (thanks to her anger issue, anyway). Even an rubber band snaps when it reaches it's elastic limit. Years of financial and emotional strain/pressure could take its toll on anyone. I agree that Robert did not owe her any obligation after the divorce but he was no saint in the movie. He had a part to play in a chunk of the psychological undertone of Melinda's crazy behaviour. While I think he was free to be with whomever he wanted after the divorce, the fact that he could easily move on with Diana shows that he was probably more in love with Melinda's money than Melinda herself. In the end, Melinda should have done better for herself but she chose to play stupid for love and then go crazy for love.

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    *the* *a rubber band* *its*

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    @ahyo2nde thank you now I'm really want to watch it .

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    @ahyo2nde 🙌🏽 STELLAR! Well summed up and made total sense. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

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    @ronkusbaby42 Thank you😘

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    Best movie ever

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    They are speaking Yoruba (beautiful language from Nigeria).😘. I love the movie but I feel it’s time Tyler Perry should kindly help change the story to a happy ending for women. With the 10million she could start a business and become richer than her Ex. My view on this.

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    @onafabrics its a movie ooo

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    @zeecor come watch this

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    @its_mr_swiss 🤣

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    💋💋💋👄👄👄 Nigeria always repping 🤣🤣🤣

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    🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬 I love this country

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    He is saying exactly what i always say. HELP A MAN NOT SPOONFEED HIM

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    I don laugh tire. Yoruba pple no ko kill me.

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    @d24oven young man she needs a man not his money.

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    @samii_junior young girl, it's not all about man ,life doesn't depend on having a Man. She could still get a good man later in life. If she focus on money first.

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    @d24oven I see ur line of reasoning. Nice, but since she has invested all her life on that man, what do you want her to do?

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    She asked and she got what she asked for...

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    Hilariously Done.

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    @samii_junior I expected her to move on with her life,if he had an accident and died,would she jump in his grave when they are burying him? Life goes on..he left her,she can meet someone way better and have a beautiful life. She was born alone and she can live without him. She wasn't born to be his

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    @samii_junior his servant forever.

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    @d24oven lol. Women and men are far too different. In reasoning, actions, feeling and many other things. So, don't expect her to do what you would have done. Besides, she have this anger issues that makes her vulnerable to things of loce

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    @samii_junior love**

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    @samii_junior I'm a woman and a real woman understands life goes on and you must Move on.Yes it hurts ,but in life you must see the beauty in every thing,with the 10Million dollars she can get a wonderful man better than the EX. Simple!. She died like a Cow in the movie. Was the way she died good for her or anyone? this takes you back to my earlier post. I prefer the end of the story to be changed. She wasn't supposed to die. My opinion! We are all allowed to our opinion. It was just fiction,so it's allowed. 😊

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    @d24oven lol. Pple commit suicide regularly because of love here in Nigeria. The way everyone sees a particular thing is different. For me it's better they both died than for her to just commit suicide and die alone. Note ooo. She was already running mad over the whole issue at the time. So, I can't blame her at all.

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    @samii_junior 🤣you have totally missed my point. Yes people commit suicide. Does that make it right! Do u get my point? The point is let's help people reason right. That's all I'm saying.

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    @d24oven alright. I get ur point

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    Nigerians we keeping it real

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    @tylerperry Will translate sir, but they actually kinda did already. They said it Yoruba and repeated the same thing in English. My people are passionate when talking, lol. 😊

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