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When IG won’t let you post everything in one post because it keeps crashing, you just post your Front Squat PR!!! 102x4!!! -
Again, I should’ve gone for more. I walked into the gym today wanting 102kilos for 5, but I’d missed the 4th rep on my first attempt at this and I second guessed myself. Honestly, I’m really disappointed in this PR because I should’ve given it everything, despite it only being a 4rep Max program for the day. 👇🏽
Moral of the story? GIVE YOURSELF SOME GRACE!! My mood drastically deteriorated over the hours after I left the gym and it was because I felt like I wasted today’s session, but did I really?? I PR’d every lift I had in my program today. However, tomorrow is a new day and another opportunity to have a better mindset, have more technically sound warmups, make smarter jumps, focus more on every single lift, and get better overall. I WILL GET BETTER!!
Thanks to the mindset reset @nikilowaibel and thank you @wicked.pull for being so encouraging!
As always, #quadsquad for being the best ever @josh_pdp @trinacakes @mind__grapes 💪🏽 #AOprep #GWL #PDP #twoweeksout #givinggrace #weightlifting #myjourney #getbetter #QS #frontsquat #BLTPR #PR


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