Instagram post by @lancepekus Lance Pekus Cowboy Ninja

Enjoying shooting my bow at night. Putting the shots in now to be successful this fall. Also enjoying my new silicon ring in @mossyoak color.

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  • 17w ago ninja_ava ninja_ava

    lance your so cool!! please follow me! i am a huge cowboy ninja fan❤️ future american ninja warrior!

  • 17w ago gratefulmagers gratefulmagers

    Oh man! That looks fun! We finally got to watch your City Qualifier run last night. You crushed it! It was great to see Heather feeling a little better, and to see her by your side. You two are an inspiration to so many of us because of your unconditional love and determination. The world needs more heroes like you and Heather. We’ve got your family in our thoughts and prayers. Keep the posts coming and hope you are successful this fall! #muchrespect

  • 17w ago rmarrone287 rmarrone287

    Cool photo @lancepekus

  • 17w ago fulldraw31 fulldraw31

    Well, that just added another reason you are my favorite ninja. You live in some great country for bow hunting!

  • 17w ago jackhawaiian jackhawaiian

    one of my favorite things to do

  • 17w ago babsbaby2354 babsbaby2354

    You look no matter what you are doing..

  • 16w ago live_as_one_light live_as_one_light

    Silicon rings work so well!

  • 16w ago stormschaser stormschaser

    There's nothing like a Hoyt bow

  • 16w ago g_the_ghost_hunter g_the_ghost_hunter

    you are my favorite on ANW #cowboyninja

  • 15w ago james.newson01 james.newson01

    Personally like recurve bows especially one made of like an actual wood they are best and don't break like carbon fiber but there are definitely some advantages to newer more modern compound bows

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