Instagram post by @lidibugg 🐞Lydia🐞 (Deuteronomy 6:5)

What's up party people :) idk about you guys but I need God's help the most on mondays lol.
Sometimes it's hard to get up and make a living, like I just want to be a lazy bum and get stuff for free.
Well God didn't want any of us to be spoiled, so he puts us to work:) You want something you gotta go get it, yes God can do anything we want but he knows that needs are priority.
So work hard and be the best employee your company needs.
My job depends on me, not because I show up when scheduled because sometimes I go beyond what they expect of me.
If I was gone I would surely be missed ☺, hope you guys leave that type of imprint at your jobs.
#lovewhatyoudo #workhard #godsgotyourback #bibleverse #biblestudy #inspiration #encouragement #bethebestyoucanbe #womanofgod #menofgod #hardworkers #leadbyexample #leaders

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