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We are simply amazed. Crying happy tears. His A1C is down to 5.7 from 11.5 (6 months ago) Daily insulin usage is down from 110mg to 25mg per day in just 10 days. Rather than 1 injection at night the pure insulin is released as needed. Waking blood sugar has averaged 86. The average high was 115 but the average CGM (glucose) was 111 but with the monitor adjustment it was actually 102. Triglycerides were over 1000 a year ago, 600 just six months and now 300. Glimeperide will be cut in half, and in 3 months may be eliminated. Within a year Sam estimates he will be down at least 50 pounds (conservatively) and almost non-diabetic. We were hoping for 2 years but one year is even better. Blood pressure was normal. Major change in lifestyle and diet, insulin pump, and some supplements and we are absolutely beside ourselves. If you haven’t found the right doctors we have. Please, honestly reach out because we love to share about his journey with others who struggle with diabetes.



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