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  • 9w ago frankuxrevy2 frankuxrevy2

    Your ruckus is truly beautiful! You're the inspiration for me making a custom one as well, but yours takes the cake. Great job 😍😍

  • 9w ago yoshio_lagoomer yoshio_lagoomer

    @frankuxrevy2 oh really?
    Thanks for praising my senses 👌👌👌👌
    So I can proud of my bike😜😜😜😜
    I hope we will take a photo......

  • 9w ago rooktwohands rooktwohands

    How much? I will but this from you. NOW! Lmfao lol

  • 9w ago yoshio_lagoomer yoshio_lagoomer

    Thank you so much😆😆😆
    I’m really happy!!!!
    This is one off ! So it’s not for sale.....but if you come to japan,let’s take a photo!

  • 9w ago rooktwohands rooktwohands

    @yoshio_lagoomer yessss hahah one day!


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