Instagram post by @kayrosaticalligraphy Kayla Rosati 🌿

Had a blast spending a week in California with my bf! Just got back & feeling like I have a lot to catch-up on. We took a trip last year around the same time, which made me think of a few changes since then.

So I thought this would be a good time to share this transformation post! The first photo is something I made a few weeks ago, and the second was something I made for my sister, maybe three years ago. I thought I had nailed calligraphy at that point.
I still see a lot of things I want to fix in the first picture, but I also see a lot of ways that I've improved. This was a good reminder to take a step back, enjoy where I am and appreciate how far I've come, instead of wishing I was farther in my journey.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how beautiful your art turns out, it’s just about doing something that makes you happy ☺️ To close my blabbing, I’ll finish with a funny quote that inspired me: "Create something today, even if it sucks" - @stefankunz

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