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Checklist: invest in yourself ✔️ #surgeon #motivation #quotes


  • 4w ago misssteffff misssteffff

    Gym time ... March will be here before I know it!!

  • 4w ago _allvnte _allvnte

    @willyelvis_1 Sounds like something we would say to ourselves 💪

  • 4w ago myermat1 myermat1

    Tacos 🌮!!

  • 4w ago tpras2 tpras2

    Rest. 🤗

  • 4w ago willyelvis_1 willyelvis_1

    @_allvnte yessir pain of discipline gonna pay off someday🖕🏾

  • 4w ago lyyn_nj lyyn_nj

    How much for breast lift and implants?.....I'm broke, any specials?

  • 4w ago lyyn_nj lyyn_nj

    @lyyn_nj and don't say you have to see me, its the same as always, just give me a price

  • 4w ago babygirlbraun babygirlbraun

    i just got first aid/cpr/aed certified today so my future self will definitely be grateful if i ever have to use it

  • 4w ago tinastravels tinastravels

    Every time I hang out with @twillyon I become a better person and Take a step towards the future self I know I would be proud of ❤️

  • 4w ago 1nvestology 1nvestology

    It would definitely suck when our future older selves look at us now and say “Man what heck was I doing?” 👴🏼👵🏼💡🔥

  • 4w ago sabineobagi sabineobagi

    @elegf98 yessss

  • 4w ago premedlayceehopkins premedlayceehopkins


  • 4w ago deborahrailey deborahrailey

    Excellent advice!

  • 4w ago twillyon twillyon

    @tinastravels it’s hard to imagine you could become any better than you are but let’s keep hanging out and see what happens 🎉✨❤

  • 4w ago dr_sambola dr_sambola


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