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Small world report: You all know we have been working with the boys at @fieldcraftsurvival. But did you know our editor, Jason and Fieldcraft El Jefe, @mike.a.glover met over a decade ago? At 13,000 ft above ground level no less! That’s right!, Jason filmed Mike’s first ever free fall and went flawlessly 😂😂😂 #CheetosToss #geekingthatcamera #stylepoints #mffi572
#Repost @mike.a.glover
Back when Jason from @skillsetmag recorded cherry HALO jumpers geeking out on their first jump-who’s this new guy. #haho #halo #freefall #skydive #notskilled #plywood


  • 18w ago jmfknpaine jmfknpaine

    Ha! That’s me flying slot.

  • 18w ago skillsetmag skillsetmag

    @jmfknpaine I thought you looked familiar!

  • 18w ago 245tactical 245tactical


  • 18w ago kazdomingo kazdomingo

    Hey, Yuma!!!

  • 18w ago sheffieldbarney sheffieldbarney

    Flying high with skillssetmag the Superman magazine of all magazines yes skillssetmag flying higher every day

  • 18w ago dutchshepherd2018 dutchshepherd2018

    Classic - brought back great memories of the MFF course 😂 We had the same Jaffa jumpsuits at our Parachute Training School 🇦🇺

  • 17w ago kingintheboy kingintheboy

    My team is exploding in growth, you look like a perfect fit, DM me 🙏

  • 10w ago brayden_k_butler brayden_k_butler

    What’s your dream travel destination?? 🌎 I’ve traveled to many countries and I dig hearing travel stories from others 👌

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