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Me and my sissy went to visit the pingus! β€οΈπŸ§πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈ


  • 18w ago _itz_only_alex_ _itz_only_alex_


  • 18w ago _itz_only_alex_ _itz_only_alex_

    This is such I good picture

  • 18w ago _itz_only_alex_ _itz_only_alex_


  • 18w ago k_e_n_z_i_e k_e_n_z_i_e

    You’re both gorgeousssπŸ’—

  • 18w ago k_e_n_z_i_e k_e_n_z_i_e

    Hey I just got a penguin tattoo today hahaha

  • 18w ago k_e_n_z_i_e k_e_n_z_i_e

    A totally real and legit one!1!

  • 18w ago _.van.essa _.van.essa


  • 18w ago ravenclawkid ravenclawkid

    Where are you?

  • 18w ago sjennifer_ sjennifer_


  • 18w ago call_me_regeth call_me_regeth

    Wow.. you have a beautiful sister! ❀❀❀

  • 18w ago lydz56 lydz56

    You are a good sister πŸ‘§πŸ’

  • 18w ago rosedixfans rosedixfans

    So cute

  • 18w ago dhewie_leebok dhewie_leebok


  • 18w ago joancristinediaz joancristinediaz

    Wow you're both cuteπŸ’“πŸ’ž

  • 18w ago snuni snuni

    You guys have the same beautiful eyes awwww😩😭😭❀ Enjoy yourselves!!!

  • 18w ago jksshelton1 jksshelton1

    Good for you Rosie!! Your young sister didn’t need to see our SHIT president vs the penguins

  • 18w ago boomdiay88 boomdiay88

    Love a bit of birdland. Did you see Claude, the oh so fabulous cockatoo? He is my fave ever.

  • 18w ago paulaabucejo paulaabucejo


  • 18w ago finding_sherry finding_sherry

    Omg You Both Look Similar Alike ❀❀ ilysm ❀❀😘😘 #love_from_india 🌈🌈

  • 18w ago helstrm88 helstrm88

    I’m still picturing the little girl that said, β€œwell she’s your mum too!!”

  • 18w ago nayeliromero31 nayeliromero31

    Hermosa 😚😚😚😚

  • 18w ago heather_mccoy3 heather_mccoy3

    Two beautiful ladies πŸ’œ

  • 18w ago saimamara saimamara


  • 18w ago lab_2493 lab_2493


  • 18w ago arvee0 arvee0

    Hello rose n rosy ur both cute, i love u both

  • 17w ago anhime12 anhime12

    so weird seeing little izzy in ur old video now 😁

  • 17w ago ericadigii ericadigii


  • 17w ago jembel45143 jembel45143

    Bring Rose so that she Will see her twins penguins.. 😜😜😜

  • 17w ago kwabenagyimah222 kwabenagyimah222

    Love you guys

  • 17w ago solquiocherry solquiocherry

    So cute...

  • 17w ago a.phanpaege a.phanpaege

    @multi_fan_5 shit I just realised ROSIE LIKED IT

  • 17w ago dashincia dashincia

    And where u re?

  • 17w ago dashincia dashincia


  • 17w ago valerieclair valerieclair

    You have a sibling?!

  • 17w ago solquiocherry solquiocherry

    U are both so gorgeous.....luv u rosie....take care always!!!

  • 17w ago harleysvlogs harleysvlogs

    Those are some rad penguins

  • 14w ago jessamhaec jessamhaec


  • 13w ago conceited_asshole conceited_asshole

    U look just like meghan trainor 😯

  • 11w ago lenora12008 lenora12008

    Sisters are wonderful to have... I have 3 of them πŸ‘­πŸ‘­.. I love pingus !

  • 6w ago fatiyed2211 fatiyed2211

    Rosie Senior and Rosie Junior! Both so incredibly pretty 😍 such a great photo, siblings are so precious 😊

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