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Regrann from @hybriidmind - Damn death rays ready to cook us like a bag of popcorn 🍿🤤💀 5G is easily the biggest problem we need to be awakening people about. Yet nobody really seems to care.
Over 300,000 small cell towers all across neighborhoods just for faster internet?
It’s not even that at all. These towers are specifically being put up to control us. They emit mind-numbing frequencies to keep us asleep to all the problems we face.
The best thing to do? Don’t buy any devices that run off of 5G such as smart meters! These cause cancer and will shorten our lives people.
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  • 15w ago bas_gorter bas_gorter

    Yeah... there’s only one thing: it isn’t ionizing radiation. I hope a 16yr old doesn’t have to explain to you what that means?

  • 15w ago username63926 username63926

    I think being able to ignore problems seems to be a pretty awesome way to live, I can still get exactly what I want out of life regardless of the fact that there are trace elements in the sky and an abundance of cellphone towers, and also just because there's a Tesla quote doesn't validate it, some of his parents were just outright stupid

  • 15w ago plancking plancking

    @username63926 5g causes skin rashes and lead to cancer and death. Get what you want outta life is good and all, but if you're around 5g towers, you're not getting what you want outta life. I don't need a tesla quote to validate my posts. All you need to do is start looking into what gets installed around your home, utilized around your life and consumed by you and your family. Most people don't even know if their foods contain polysorbate80, rgyb food coloring, hfcs, floruide, nanotech or glysophates (GMOS) in em. IGNORING A PROBLEM DOESN'T GET IT SOLVED.

  • 15w ago username63926 username63926

    @plancking that's the thing, I'm not saying ignoring the problem doesn't solve it, I'm just not gonna stress about something that doesn't exist.

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