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Say hello to my IBS baby.......IBS BABY!!!!! Just in case you took a quick glance at that and thought I meant an actual baby....absolutely no way! IBS stands for irritable bowel syndrome. I was diagnosed at 12 and have spent pretty much 22 years trying to get a gastroenterologist to see me. I’ve finally seen one and it turns out I’ve got some pretty serious health issues to address. My illness is chronic and genuine (the IBS term gets used a lot these days to describe the general bloat)! Along with sluggish bowel 🐌 (yes this is a real condition, ha) and a partially functioning liver it can make day to day life pretty uncomfortable.....yet not impossible however the feedback from me competing in bodybuilding was that the top and bottom half of my body are great, it’s my side profile that lets me down hence why I took the decision to step away for a couple of years to get new treatment and maybe return when I’ve got it under control. So, in this instance, IBS did make competing impossible....for now. It won’t stop me from training every day though and using a healthy diet as my main treatment even on the days like in the first 2 pics when it’s at its worst, it won’t stop me from competing in anything non subjective, it won’t stop me from helping others with their own health issues and it won’t stop me from eating porridge (which is very important 😂)! It WILL stop me in my tracks when I’m out walking sometimes, it will stop me from wearing tight clothes sometimes and it will make my belly look big 80% of my lifetime but that’s cool 😎, I can deal with that. There’s a lot of people use IBS as an excuse to stay home and binge and not exercise but actually their doing the complete opposite to what could be their cure, so if you know someone sat at home nursing their big, bloated belly with a tub of ice cream and the game of thrones boxset, scoop them up and roll their ass into the gym, then feed them some vegan love 💕. This will help them not only physically but mentally and you’ll be their best friend 👭 forever!

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  • 18w ago gemmashales gemmashales

    Respect ✊ girl love your honestly. I also suffered from this snout 10yrs ago. I feel ya! Xxx

  • 18w ago bogdandraghici91 bogdandraghici91

    Interesting stuff :D

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