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  • 10w ago natalia_jewel08 natalia_jewel08

    More demon dean episodess

  • 10w ago le0niemnd le0niemnd

    A happy life without worries I guess 😂

  • 10w ago samdeansandwich samdeansandwich

    How about Jensen? Crowley would say Sorry Darling he’s booked up for the next 1000 years. Put me on for 1001.

  • 10w ago lisacooper831 lisacooper831

    So THAT'S what really happened to Charlie! Hell hounds. Not Stynes. Damn Harry Potter!!! Damn you to hell!!!!

  • 10w ago kgarcia13180 kgarcia13180

    Honestly me😂😂

  • 10w ago _disappointment_to_existence_ _disappointment_to_existence_

    More Casifer and Chuck momentsss i need Cas to look sassy asf

  • 10w ago hello.lyricx hello.lyricx

    I would seel my soul to be able to travel anywhere I want at anytime I want and to be able to find the person I'm meant to be with and then live the rest of my remaining years with them by my side until my time is up and a hell hound comes to collect my soul.

  • 10w ago celestial.fiend celestial.fiend

    To be a boy

  • 10w ago canadianaliens canadianaliens


  • 10w ago burnedhoney burnedhoney

    To be one foot taller

  • 10w ago blue.eyed_quinn blue.eyed_quinn

    I'd sell my soul to be able to be a hunter and live with my girlfriend. I'd get to do some good and see my princess, do its a win-win.

  • 10w ago akunna.da.jawn akunna.da.jawn

    I'd sell my soul for a painless suicide and a guaranteed trip to heaven if it exists

  • 10w ago


  • 10w ago iudicationisnox iudicationisnox

    die lmao it's a win-win situation

  • 10w ago w3tbacc w3tbacc

    @iudicationisnox ME

  • 10w ago eryndickie eryndickie

    No telling 😉

  • 10w ago breaking.lost.boy breaking.lost.boy

    For Kenny to have more air time.

  • 10w ago skyler_winchester_007 skyler_winchester_007

    The ability to travel to any fictional world of my choice and live there for the rest of my life. (I'd live in the spn world and befriend an angel, and when I died and went to hell they would save me. #loopholes )

  • 10w ago _ankitak_ _ankitak_

    If cursed child is the spin off being talked about here, I refuse to accept it.

  • 10w ago matilda_obrien_ matilda_obrien_

    Another soul with some vague sense of self preservation

  • 10w ago mylee.medrano mylee.medrano

    The cursed child was not worth it

  • 10w ago asmith____ asmith____

    To have the ability to go into any fictional world that I pleased at any time and like change my age and stuff...

  • 10w ago grapsies grapsies

    @_ankitak_ cedric becomes evil! bella x voldemort! now you can travel back further than 5 hours! harry is a horrible dad! teddy and victoire doesn’t exist! etc! etc!

  • 10w ago maryalittlebit maryalittlebit

    @natalia_jewel08 same

  • 10w ago shy._.katsudon shy._.katsudon

    To be thrown into the spn universe or for the Winchesters and Cas to be real

  • 10w ago nerds4life246 nerds4life246

    Charlie is me. Honestly

  • 9w ago jed.munro jed.munro

    @josiebrohmm when two fandoms unite😂😂

  • 9w ago josiebrohmm josiebrohmm

    @jed.munro yesss 😍

  • 9w ago itsmecayla itsmecayla

    Wayward sisters gets picked up again 😭

  • 8w ago xx_ragingllamacorn2.0xx xx_ragingllamacorn2.0xx

    @itsmecayla caRRY ON MY WAYWARD SONNNN THERE WILL BE PEACE EHEN YOU ARE Doneee don't you cry no more


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