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  • 2d ago xjahseh.onfroy.xx xjahseh.onfroy.xx

    You are important. Believe in yourself you can do anything, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Make today a happy day. Jahseh is with you watching over you. You are beautiful and special. You are in this world for a reason. Fuck whoever hates you fuck whoever tries to get to you. They will get pay back. Know that you deserve more than what you are getting. I love you so does jahseh and I am here for you. That’s a promise. I am here for you. When someone is mean to you they are JEALOUS. Today is a happy day don’t let nobody try to get to you are make u feel bad about yourself . Goodbye, I love you.

  • 6h ago youngdaggergoat youngdaggergoat

    @xjahseh.onfroy.xx vroo i dont know who are u but i love your words and u so much, vro u wanna see me crying? :( ily❤❤

  • 3h ago xjahseh.onfroy.xx xjahseh.onfroy.xx

    @youngdaggergoat I love you too

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