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So, to expose the real open mindedness of medieval thinkers, it is sufficient to present the figure of the Dominican “Doctor Universalis”Albert the Great.
He is a follower of Aristotelian principles and he is a member of the Dominican order but he doesn’t let his own ideas hinder the copying or the translating of Muslim and Greek philosophers and thinkers.
This does not mean that teachers should just learn earlier texts without expressing their critical thinking.
Albert the Great does express his thoughts in his own works, thus paying respects to other theological and philosophical opinions.
We should not take the opinions of thinkers like Aristotle, Plato and Saint Augustine like the Bible, you are entitled to your own opinions and your thoughts are valuable as those of Aristotle or Seneca.
The “Auctoritas” of these thinkers is undeniable but this does not mean that they are perfect, we should try to challenge the opinions of established intellectual authorities and not rest on them🤓 .
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