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I loved the intro and some of the spotlights. However, I did not like how short the spotlights were. Especially, I do not like how the Bella Twins, Paige, and AJ Lee's spotlights were so short. Also WWE failed to give Chyna and Moolah a spotlight. Seriously? Also did not credit women like Sable, Torrie Wilson, Jazz, Melina, Michelle McCool, Layla, Kelly Kelly, Eve Torres, Bull Nakano, Leilani Kai, Candice Michelle, Alicia Fox, or Kaitlyn. Also Asuka, Nia, Stephanie, Naomi, Jacqueline, and Beth are on the cover, despite not getting any spotlight. They also should not have given the current girls a big separate spotlight. They should have put all of the current girls into one spotlight. That way they had more time for the legends and alumni. Rant over.

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  • 14w ago _waynec.001 _waynec.001

    I agree they skipped and entire era of women the women's evolution playlist type thing like this this one the WWE Network is a little bit better but just by a little bit.

  • 14w ago soksok92 soksok92

    I agree, I feel they should’ve done more matches that showed what they could do during that era, and showed when every first won the championship. That’s evolution in my opinion.

  • 14w ago kingin.withshawngotfans kingin.withshawngotfans

    Ronda should have never been on the cover

  • 14w ago kingin.withshawngotfans kingin.withshawngotfans

    The Bella twins, Aj lee, and Paige should been somewhat been in the spotlight

  • 14w ago alonsozepedaa alonsozepedaa

    To be honest Alexa bliss should have not been in the cover( no hate)

  • 14w ago mr_hygh mr_hygh

    No Chyna???

  • 14w ago bayleysgargano bayleysgargano

    Bruh why isn’t Charlotte or Bayley in he middle?💀

  • 14w ago ashtonrathje ashtonrathje

    I'm confused when did they show this?

  • 14w ago womenswrestlingfans womenswrestlingfans

    @andrew_3254 It was a fake news article.

  • 14w ago womenswrestlingfans womenswrestlingfans

    @andrew_3254 Really because Velvet McIntyre, Leilani Kai, Judy Martin, Sweet Georgia Brown's Family, Peggy Lee, and many other women from Moolah's training camp have stated that it was not true.

  • 14w ago womenswrestlingfans womenswrestlingfans

    @andrew_3254 Those women were trained by Moolah. They did not train for Moolah. The pay part is true. The pimping is not.

  • 14w ago womenswrestlingfans womenswrestlingfans

    @andrew_3254 No they said the exact opposite.

  • 14w ago feetdavidson feetdavidson

    Where do I buy this?

  • 14w ago womenswrestlingfans womenswrestlingfans

    @whyisthecookieshaking It is at Wal-Mart.

  • 14w ago seva_mccool seva_mccool

    What the hell is Rondo Rousey doing there! She has done anything in WWE and they put her on the center of this cover...

  • 14w ago king_lewis229 king_lewis229

    Umm where's AJ Lee? She played a big part in making this women's revolution happen

  • 14w ago chris_carpediem chris_carpediem

    Why do they always include the bellas? They honestly never made a difference

  • 14w ago jtptcm1973 jtptcm1973

    Take out ronda... she's done nothing

  • 14w ago teawithvictor teawithvictor

    Is there any way I can’t watch it online?

  • 14w ago veer_ramudin veer_ramudin

    Thank God there is no carmella cheater on it

  • 14w ago marcosodraude marcosodraude

    They literally skipped the 2007-2010 era where Mickie James, Melina Beth Phoenix, and Lay-Cool were dominating and giving off killer matches, from melina beth and mickie having amazing storylines, to Michelle and Melina having killer matches, to Lay-cool having a great storyline aswell. These Women were putting in all their blood sweat and tears to keep women’s wrestling alive, which is why I continued watching WWE after the Golden Era left..

  • 14w ago rianblake rianblake

    Also why TF is Ronda front and center??? Gtfo wwe

  • 14w ago meg_robs13 meg_robs13


  • 14w ago meg_robs13 meg_robs13

    @rianblake agreed

  • 13w ago stronglikesvenja stronglikesvenja

    This DVD is so lit!!

  • 13w ago its_karthick_bay_bay_ its_karthick_bay_bay_

    Why the fuck that Ronda is center

  • 13w ago allyprecourt allyprecourt

    Kinda sad that they are promoting Rhonda so’s a slap in the face to all the women who’ve worked harder....

  • 13w ago invasionofbliss invasionofbliss

    Why the Bella twins??

  • 13w ago cristopher_618 cristopher_618

    And AJ lee : (

  • 13w ago cmajor88 cmajor88

    Was Ivory on the DVD?

  • 13w ago jesuss_hendrixx jesuss_hendrixx

    Where’s Victoria? Melina? Candice Michelle? Torrie Wilson? Eve Torres? Kelly Kelly? I Was Expecting Way Better From WWE.


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