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A break in the garden during a busy week. Time to plant some new purchases: lettuce and peas (I plant them in pots as our clay soil is sooo impenetrable right now with the lack of rainfall). Also a few pretty flowering plants which don’t mind the heat and will brighten up a couple of areas. And tidy up the plants which have finished flowering, collecting some seeds for next year. Fingers crossed the lettuces, peas and beans grow well enough to give us some bounty and that the slugs can’t climb up the sides of the tall pots!
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  • 25w ago carinaberesford carinaberesford

    New soil here in Liss is so sandy I’m struggling with the difference from years battling Chiddingfold clay. It feels like gardening on a beach!

  • 25w ago rosetti42 rosetti42

    @carinaberesford Wow - quite a difference I imagine!

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