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I choose second, mostly because I have to, but also because I know I should change. There's a moment for everyone to suddenly get unstuck and open up their mind. My moment was that field trip to Griffith Observatory. I talked to Michael and Sam and a lot of people. Only when I dare to talk I realize that American people are also people, which means they also listen to my poor English expression, they respect my point of view and they would love to give me feedback as well. That is the moment I realized that we do not talk with language. We talk with our mind.

What I would say is that this program let me see people's mind differently. All of us are such diverse individuals, but when we communicate, or work together, our minds find a common sense of harmony, a rhythm of thinking that we share to experience. This feels good, but only when we try to reach out to other people, we can understand how rewarding and warm it feels.

To all that ever surrounded me: you show me a different way I never saw before. I never know how to communicate in this way and never know I could do art and design. But I did it. I appreciate your sincere companionship and support along the way, I love you all, I would always want to meet you guys again at some point in the future. On this different path, now, I will #FightOn



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