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Is this Lewd? No really, is it Lewd or not? I feel like talking about 1 thing in general... Anime music gives you the ability to write 10 and 1/2 paragraphs no problem. I figured this out because I tried to write in my other post without animu music and I couldn't write as much. Then I went back after doing all 3 post and rereading them but with animu music and I wrote a ton more. "Catch the Moment" by Lisa is the one that especially helps with me writing this. I'm listening to unravel while writing this, I haven't watched Tokyo ghoul but I'll watch it after I finish like about 20 ( Not joking ) that are on my plan to watch list. I just started playing "Guren No Yumiya" which is the Attack On Titan intro. See you guys tomorrow then 👋.

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