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*Australian accent* Today on Today's episode of: "Daily Otaku Shit" I am so fucking disappointed that I want to fucking strangle Torhu. JK I would never do that to Torhu. JK I would actually do it depending on the situation. Anyways! I am disappointed as fuck like I said. They're making Broly Canon... God fucking damn it Toei and Akira! You could have done better than this! We were expecting something better and you give us this piece of shit! What next!? Super Saiyan 4 Becomes Canon! Fuck you! We wanted something original! You couldn't think of something better! You did enough with Kale! Kale was enough guys! But no! You guys wanted to make it fully Canon!... I'm still wasting my money to watch this because the DragonBall series is one of my favorites. That's it for Today's Daily Otaku Shit folks. Come back tomorrow for something, I might review some anime or something on the second post cause it's gonna be hard trying to find articles every day to post. Onto the next post!

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