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Hey new friends 👋🏽 I’m Elena. a chicago boss babe behind the camera and computer, who photographs with her heart not with her eyes but, being a photographer isn’t all that I am.

1. I’m also a bookworm who has a strong weakness for carbs. 🍕
2. I spend way to much time at Target and it takes a lot of self control to not get more than what’s on my shopping list - but sometimes...okay a lot of the time, a girl can’t resist a good sale or a new beauty product! 💄
3. I’m not shy to admit that I record Hallmark movies during the holidays so I can sit and watch them on the weekend because I love getting lost in a love story - even if it’s a bit cheesy or predictable. 📽
4. I’m also a girl who dreams of honeymooning in Santorini with my future hubby.✈️
5. I’m always dancing during a wedding reception with my camera in my hand 💃🏽📷
6. Bullet journaling & loving the freedom that gives me especially during my most stressful seasons 🖊📔
7. I’m somewhat of a control freak because in my head if I don’t plan ahead I dread something BAD will happenning. 📱
8. I’m super curious about my zodiac sign (shoutout to my Aquarius’s!) & am constantly researching it. ♒️
9. I want to hear more from you and about who you are! Also thank you for following along 🥂
📷 @earthbelowphoto .
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