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Final stats for Knox in the summer league:
21.3 PPG (5th in summer league scoring), 6.5 RPG, 2.3 APG, 1.0 SPG, and 0.3 BPG on 35% FG in 32.2 MPG.


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  • 9w ago chris__sayles chris__sayles

    What about Robinson?

  • 9w ago megadude017 megadude017

    Not very efficient but he's 18 he can definitely put the ball in the hoop.He has great fundamentals.I want him to win roy this year

  • 9w ago operationbball operationbball

    Whenever I get a package of M&Ms, I make it my duty to continue the strength and robustness of the candy as a species. To this end, I hold M&Ms duels. Taking two candies between my thumb and forefinger, I apply pressure squeezing them until one of them crack and splinters. That is the "loser", and I eat the inferior one immediately. The winner goes to another round.

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  • 9w ago sullythinkss sullythinkss

    Summer league over that fast? Damn.

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    Steal of the draft so far

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    @cavaliersmedia lol go away

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  • 9w ago chaseglover3 chaseglover3

    knox did amazing don’t get me wrong.... but his FG% does that not worry anyone?

  • 9w ago rg22hoops4life rg22hoops4life

    aka "2KKnox"

  • 9w ago michael.ortiz19 michael.ortiz19

    @chaseglover3 Yes. For sure

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  • 9w ago m.jacalne m.jacalne

    At least he’s not afraid to shoot, but 35%? Oh well keeping me coming young fella.

  • 9w ago stevenbankss stevenbankss

    Future is brighy

  • 9w ago _lord_los _lord_los

    @michael.ortiz19 he shot 5 for 20 in the last game , what did u think he would end up shooting in a 4 game span ? Smh

  • 9w ago chaseglover3 chaseglover3

    @_lord_los he missed about 10 shots per game, and that’s in summer league that’s gonna be tough in the NBA missing that many when baskets are so badly needed with the knicks. great scoring ability tho

  • 9w ago michael.ortiz19 michael.ortiz19

    @_lord_los He took 77 shots in 4 games. Missed 50. I get that it's only 4 games but it was not efficient.

  • 9w ago throwbacksportsreport throwbacksportsreport

    He’s the future

  • 9w ago michael.ortiz19 michael.ortiz19

    @brivnt_ I'm not stressing. I'd much rather he be aggressive and take his shots. It is summer league after all. Truth is he might not be super efficient next year. Growing pains, he has talent for sure though.

  • 9w ago _lord_los _lord_los

    @michael.ortiz19 ok but saying your worried when his biggest issue coming in was him not being aggressive enough, we want him to take shots and get comfortable , who cares about the misses when their all out there playing hard , he will be fine

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  • 9w ago vizionofparadise vizionofparadise

    Considering the others above him are second year that’s great

  • 9w ago seangoeswest seangoeswest

    He has a long way to go rt. But he is going to be special .. new tatum

  • 9w ago anuglife anuglife

    He’s on his way! 🔥🔥

  • 9w ago mjp920 mjp920

    @chaseglover3 doesn’t worry me at all. Summer League players tend to take a lot of bad shots. They’re not playing with other NBA players. I didn’t really focus on the stats but more the eye test...he looked comfortable and confident out there. His shot looks nba ready and his game is still raw. Now take that into the season and his game will open up a bit. Even if his fg% is lower in his rookie year, I can just see he’s built to be a scorer in the league and he’ll get there. He’s 18!

  • 9w ago kneecograms kneecograms

    @chaseglover3 small sample size. What was most promising was his ability to consistently get to the line. Look at his points relative to field goal attempts. Guys like harden and Westbrook have inefficiency in their games but they always put up points cuz they live at the line. We good. It was all good.

  • 9w ago mr_shabazz44 mr_shabazz44

    @chaseglover3 yes 35% in summer league is a concern I think he is going to struggle early, I hope he comes off the bench to start the season

  • 9w ago k.duncan15 k.duncan15

    @chaseglover3 nah I wouldn’t be worried. Mitchell shot under 40% in the summer league last season, he just getting adjusted to things. By the time the Regular season comes along, that percentage should be 48+ imo

  • 9w ago luckystarrosa luckystarrosa

    @cavaliersmedia whye

  • 9w ago thomas_kawczynski13 thomas_kawczynski13

    No more boos

  • 9w ago alex2elite alex2elite

    @juniorrlapara him or Mitchell tbh

  • 9w ago turnikedergi turnikedergi

    Best summer league player

  • 9w ago el.juju el.juju

    Knicks fan all you gotta do is boo your draftees so tey be good later on to proovge you wrong. Lets not forget you passed on Steph Curry...😂😂😉

  • 9w ago iamdavidvines iamdavidvines

    @chaseglover3 worrying for nothing. Kid will be a stud

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