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    Speaking of the @unitednations , @humanrightswatch , @amnesty & network of @nobelpeaceoslo , @nobelwomen & @nobelprize_org , I have been so grateful for my family’s past experiences & look forward to the future. Wished to share another organization I am grateful for in implementing complex & difficue tasks. Repost @europeancommission “ The EU-@NATO strategic partnership is stronger than ever. e
A new era of interaction begins and these are the key areas need to act on:
- Hybrid thread
- Operational cooperation on migration
- Cyber security
- Defence capabilities
- Defence industry and research
- Strengthening political dialogue between EU and NATO
We are working together to promote peace and stability.

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    President Jean-Claude #Juncker and High Representative/Vice-President Federica #Mogherini, together with European Council President @donaldtusk were representing the EU. @eudiplomacy#NATOSummit #NATO #OTAN #EU #UE #Europe #Partners #StrongerTogether

    Incidentally, because I have been recently very curious about the state of #geopoliticalstability around the world 🙏 💞 🌍 💞 🌏 💞 🌎 & was referring to the concept of #theocracy ( and possible consequences of not understanding this & then misrepresentations + spreading misinformation ) , not sure why in a timely manner, anyone would be eager to imitate / impersonate my language to publicize their music? It’s not for economic profit right? Or was the motivation to hijack the efforts of those above that I have mentioned + my own attempts to add to the conversation/ what has already been achieved for more progress?

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    I’ve been very curious about the specifics of free speech & copyright . Seeing as how I abhor making anyone do anything they don’t want to do or making anyone who doesn’t wish to engage with me, to engage with me, the concept of forcing is not a pleasant concept for me. But seeing as how I happen to be grateful for the things I’ve learned in my life ( I’d assert that it took me quite some time to learn 3+ languages, the equivalent of 2 #university degrees , learning to cook for my cancer-ridden mother as a teen ) , by most of all, it’s the overwhelming gratitude to the PEOPLE who have indelibly shaped my perspective to this day & these include those that I have just mentioned & more. 🙏 🙏 🙏 💞 🌍 💞 🌏 💞 🌎. So the question, from what I understand from this performer who seems very eager is: Why won’t everyone just let this female successfully be…like everyone else, without consequence? ( The date that the collage for the 5th photo was created was 9/6/16 , more than 1
    year before the song created in photo 6.

    Incidentally, an interesting article :`

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    Another question is, what are the costs when someone immediately tries to hijack the conversation to an unfruitful/ unproductive place that counteracts all of the #confictresolution & #peacemaking of not just the above organizations ( and people,most
    important to me ) re: @unitednationshumansrights & others? Who is responsible for prohibiting the involuntary taking of identity & the past , current & future discussions/ policies / laws of free speech, hate speech , #copyright & fraud, @eucouncil @euopeancommission ? Much respect & gratitude. 🙏

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    * This is in regards to people we don’t know that seem to be eager to engage in & spread impersonations. 🙏

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    Correction: I meant 6th language. I counted distractedly.


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