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I’ve invested THOUUSSANNDSS of dollars in myself and my biz. Many many many thousands actually. I put off planning my wedding so I could quit my job and focus 100% of my energy and our money into making my “dream” (it’s my purpose really, not a dream) a reality. People have looked at me like I’m crazy, tapped me on the head like I’m just some little girl with a silly idea, misunderstood me, told me it won’t work, and tried to steer me in a different direction.
Not everyone gets it. Few people do, actually. Because we’ve been taught to follow the is FINE and COOL and ENOUGH for some. No disrespect if it’s for you...but it wasn’t and isn’t for me.
I’ve played small for far too long. I’ve kept my big thoughts and out of box ideas inside. I’ve made other people comfortable by dimming my light. Not anymore.
If you have a big “dream”, crave more, desire a deeper sense of purpose and meaning and impact. TRUST IT. Not everyone feels what you feel. And you wouldn’t feel it if it wasn’t for you.
I have ONE spot open in my mentorship program. If you’re ready to dive in, smash self-doubt, and trust that pull for more, let’s chat.



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