Instagram post by @strongforthesaviour Nyla

Mmm! A delicious AND nutritious dessert last night. Try it out! The brownies have 1 medium sized ripe banana mashed, 1/2 cup natural peanut butter, 1/4 cup cocoa powder, splash of skim milk and 2 scoops chocolate shakeology superfood powder! Mix and refrigerate an hour: so easy! Sprinkle with walnuts or almonds for a nice crunch. if you don't have Shakeology you could use just a chocolate protein powder. The ice cream is called "Cool Way" and I found it at Walmart. It is low calorie, 3 grams of fibre per serving as well as 6 grams protein and 15% of your daily calcium needs per serving. Who knew ice cream could be nutritious! They have lots of different flavours and this vanilla bean one was AMAZING! But hey, if you want to eat your regular treats, that's fine too! No food is bad in it's self, it's overeating food that's bad. All foods, in moderation, can be part of a healthy lifestyle. Happy eating!


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