Instagram post by @nicholsndime Lauren Nichols

Thanks for seeing the world with an unflinching clarity that never turned into cynicism, and having compassion for the frailties and weaknesses in all of us. Your words are the true, unbullshited comfort when life is hard in the small and big ways. Spotted on the corner of W Cary and Auburn #scotthutchison #frightenedrabbit


  • 5w ago karenk76 karenk76

    that was me!!! i was visiting my mom last weekend ❤️❤️❤️💜💜

  • 5w ago nicholsndime nicholsndime

    @karenk76 it made me feel so good to see it, thank you for spreading the love

  • 5w ago karenk76 karenk76

    @nicholsndime i’m happy someone saw it and knew him 💜💜


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