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Yes: I chopped off my hair! I’ve been asked “why?” quite a few times now, so I’ll list my reasons below:

1.) My hair was actually severely damaged. It was long, but very unhealthy. It was super thick at the roots, but thin & stringy everywhere else. I used to get perms and around age 14, I stopped getting them. However, I never did a big chop. I just allowed my hair to transition. I also colored my hair a few years ago which left my curl pattern almost obsolete. It took a long time (and lots of trimming) to get my hair back to its “normal” state, but without chopping it, it was never healthy. Had ta GO! 😂
2.) I wanted something to commemorate me entering my 25th year of life. I’m a quarter of a century now! There’s so much that I want to accomplish and I’ve never been so motivated to do it like I am now. My hairstyle needed to match my drive.
3.) Natural haircare is expensive! I spare no expense when it comes to my my hair and skin. Anyone that knows me knows that I spend quite a bit on both because of how important they are to me. However... the hair thing was getting outta control lmao I looked at my receipts and saw how much I was spending on my hair and saw a problem: my hair still looked like shit, no matter what I did to it or what I put in it. With my short hair, wash & go’s are simple and QUICK! For someone that’s on the go like 80% of the time, this is ideal and definitely allots time for me to do other stuff (like get more practice with my makeup hahaha)

So, here’s to the beginning of two new journeys: my hair journey and the embankment of my 25th year of life. Thank you SO much to @whoscarmen_ for not only giving me such a badass cut, but also taking the time to thoroughly explain how to properly take care of my hair. I’m absolutely enthralled!
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