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Fitness spaces can, undoubtedly, be highly problematic for so many reasons (ableism, healthism, racism, colonialism, etc etc). Exercise is far from neutral in a world where movement is imbued with moral value and where some bodies are made unwelcome. I think a lot about my relationship with movement, as exercise played a big role in my eating disorder. The tension is that I love to move my body, and I love to sweat. It calms my anxiety and brings me into my body; it makes me feel alive and vital and reminds me to breathe. But it is easy for me to take it too far, particularly when I’m anxious or stressed. It’s interesting how the very same movement can feel different on different days. What I’m getting better at is figuring out what kind of movement matches how I feel; I’m no longer interested in pushing my limits when I am too tired, physically or mentally. I DO believe that there are PLENTY of “excuses” to not move. I believe firmly in the power of rest, even though I still struggle to enact it. I recently took a break from high intensity exercise as I tried to recover from my PhD. I’m still recovering, it’s only been a few weeks. But today, a Psycle class (my favourite spin studio I’ve tried, and a fun treat while in London) felt right to me. This intuitive exercise thing is a journey, and probably one I’ll be exploring for a very long time. But right now I’m having FUN doing that exploration. [A hallway painted white with white bricks on one side and shelves on the other, and neon purple lights at the end that day Let’s Do This]


  • 4w ago andrealamarre andrealamarre

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  • 4w ago shinydh shinydh

    Genuine question: are class settings tricky in terms of managing effort levels when there's clear instructions on exactly what to do in that class?

  • 4w ago andrealamarre andrealamarre

    @shinydh great question! For me, I am fairly good at listening to my body rather than the instructions in cycle classes in particular, but I know that isn’t easy or intuitive for all. I think with spin, there is a bit of leeway in terms of you managing your own resistance rather than it being decided for you, but I do avoid the classes with numbers (some track numbers on a progress screen and on the bike) for that reason

  • 4w ago ktbrns07 ktbrns07

    @andrealamarre in class settings do you find it difficult not to compare? I struggle with this and always compare my strength and ability to others.

  • 4w ago andrealamarre andrealamarre

    @ktbrns07 I’ve gotten way better at not comparing. I find that this kind of spin class is actually helpful for that because it’s dark so you really can’t see what people are doing that well! In dance it’s a bit harder but focusing on feeling in my body has helped


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