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The misconception on introverts

This is my theory based on students I've coached, along with introvert instagram accounts I've managed.

I believe associating yourself with being an introvert based on society's outlook on introverts is hurting your progress.

People say they're introverts to explain why they don't talk much, if they're shy, anxious, depressed, etc.

I think this is enabling you to stay in this situation and stay stuck there, all for the sake of not facing your current situation.

Introvert Instagram accounts I've managed revolve around social anxiety (without the audience knowing), and people relate to it on the page to a retardedly high amount.

On an objective level, they shouldn't be associated together, but people do it anyways.

I also think that Introvert / Extrovert concepts are EXTREMELY exaggerated. I bet half of people who consider themselves introverts are actually just socially anxious, and if they choose to get over that hurdle, they'll have that freedom to talk to whoever they want, and may even be an extrovert at the end of the day.

If I'm in my room working all day, I do NOT want to go out and talk to anyone.
And when I go out and talk to everyone, the next day I get the urge to do it AGAIN.

Obviously this is just a theory and I can't speak for the ways people work for millions of people, but I do believe there's truth to it.


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  • 6d ago alexlaukr alexlaukr

    I go out and just can’t seem to talk to people... the words just do t come out. Makes me not want to do it again and I usually feel really bad about myself. I’ve been telling myself that it’s a skill I need to practice but I’ve kind of thrown the towel in now. You have good advice though thanks 🙏

  • 6d ago socratez87 socratez87

    I think you're completely correct. People like to label themselves to excuse all kinds of unwanted traits or feelings in an effort for a superficial kind of self-acceptance. I've been guilty of this too, when I resist the desire for change and concede to a false judgment of "this is who I am". Fortunately my spirit is stronger than my mind, and the spirit wants to be free of such self-limiting beliefs.

  • 6d ago theakiewilliams theakiewilliams


  • 6d ago pascaldoberman pascaldoberman

    Oufff !

  • 6d ago willparker37 willparker37

    Seems legit. I resonate with this. If I don’t talk to anyone for the most of the day I find it very hard to just start talking. But if I talk all day to a group of people it’s relatively easy to start a convo with anyone. I think you have to be in a certain state of mind to just start conversation and it be a genuine conversation, not just lame ass small talk.

  • 5d ago modelsandmotivation modelsandmotivation

    @alexlaukr keep persisting and you'll hit that tipping point, then it'll all be worth it. Good luck brother

  • 5d ago modelsandmotivation modelsandmotivation

    @socratez87 awesome, and who we are can change any day since it's just an identity we've built for ourselves over time, good job on not letting it hold you back

  • 5d ago modelsandmotivation modelsandmotivation

    @willparker37 for sure, anything to stretch the comfort zone seems to be enough to wake up my mind, good points

  • 4d ago phaniasor phaniasor

    Nice 👍

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