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That time of the month, a topic that we have been told we shouldn’t talk about. But let’s get real, it’s something we ALL want to talk about. Did you know that tampons contain harmful chemicals such a pesticides and bleach?! (And we are suppose to put that in the same place that we would carry a baby?!) 🤔 We don’t think so! Your period doesn’t have to be something that you or the people around you dread. 1) we recommend taking a Maca supplement to help balance hormones. This can be taken everyday or at the start of your period. 2) @doterra Aroma Touch can be used topically to ease pain and cramps. 3) CBD oil is great for calming anxiety and easing pain. 4) @doterra Clary Calm can be used as an added boost to stabilizing hormones and hot flashes.
5.) Most of us here at Eco Chic use the Diva Cup (you can get one on Thrive Market for 25% off with the link in our bio.) We love the Diva Cup because it’s made in Canada (did you know they have higher standards when it comes to personal health care than the US does?) You can go TWELVE hours before you need to empty it. You invest once, and it will last for years with proper care!
If the idea of a menstrual cup that is reusable is not your thing, that’s okay! There are also disposable menstrual cups on the market. As well as non toxic pads and reusable pads. We want to challenge you to ditch your tampons and up your health !



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