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Tremble, shake ... the #goosebumps are back! The #sequel to the film based on the novels by s#rlstine will arrive in #cinemas in #october 2018.In 2015 the director #robletterman brought on the big screen one of the most famous popular #phenomena of children's literature. And not only.
Because we are talking about #littlechills - and Little Chills has marked not only entire generations, but also the horror and the story of goosebumps.
Translated into 32 #languages ​​and sold all over the world, the books of the Piccoli Brividi series by R.L. Stine are among the most famous and loved in history.The international success of the film, the first after the successful series of the '90s, convinced the production company #sony to propose a sequel of which today we show you the first official trailer. You can watch it at the opening of the article in Italian and a little further below in the original English language.In this second chapter, directed by #arisandel, #jackblack will return as R.L. Stine and #slappy, the invisible boy who most of all wants to take revenge on his creator. Instead, #dylanminette, #odeyarush and the young cast of the first film will not be back. Among the additions, however, the names of #wendimclendoncovey , #kenjeong and #chrisparnell stand out.


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