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🔥TO ALL THE WOMEN OUT THERE struggling with eating - going from HIGH to VERY LOW, yo-yo dieting, binge eating, then clean eating, just to do it all again and again and never feel happy about themselves truly because happiness is in a size or number on the scale...I hear you! I've had so many conversations about this lately and I'm in shock to see how many of you are going through this in one way or another...
For what price though?
The price of conditioned happiness, of an unbalanced life, of feeling uncomfortable, unhappy and lethargic, less social and just wanting to hide most of the times?
Yet when it comes to wanting to do something about it, find a solution around it that's conscious, long-term oriented and working on the foundation and core of all those decisions in order to get to the bottom of it and let go once and for all, some would rather sign up for a new diet and get instant gratification, only to be found in the same situation 2 months later, the pain going even deeper. .
That baffles me so much...
How deep does this pain need to go to want to do something about it once and for all? .
How dark do you need to feel to see the light?
How many fear-based decisions (diets) do you need to make to start choosing loved based ones?
When do you say enough is enough - I choose love? .
Start with self-love, start with self-care and give yourself the benefit of being enough. .
Because you are! .
You are a representation of the Divine energy - whatever that Source is for you - and you have the gift body to carry you and serve you that is quite magnificent in its own rights.
Learn to love it, to look after it and it will do you wonders. .
When we start working with our bodies, with our energies, natural rhythms and cycles, we stop fighting them and creating tension. .
Nothing good ever comes from fighting - why would you think fighting against your body every single day would bring you positive results?
Are you READY to fall in love with yourself? It's a simple as a YES or NO. .
Image: @ramonapintea_art

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