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Libby & I have an agreement in the morning- I pet her first, she then let’s me know when I’m allowed to start reading. She leads me.
During my surgery in CA, Bardie met the beloved @sherrylivewell who was also there for a loved one. Before I left the hospital, I also met this beautiful soul. She had told us about this book she was going to send for me (us) to read. And she did. I started & stopped it bc something in me wasn’t ready. And over the past few weeks, I nudged my self into the ready.
On the first page, the first paragraph by Katherine reads, “I imagine most of us have fairly straightforward pictures in our heads about what our lives will look like and who we will become. These pictures are mostly of wonderful things that happen at exactly the right time and make Oh-so-much sense. When something happens that is not inside the four corners of that picture, we view it as a detour and hope to get back on track as quickly as possible.
So what happens when you take a detour and can’t ever get back on that original path again?” I have had many derailments along the way in my life; my anorexia, addictions, abuse in various forms, etc. And I kept finding my way back. And I’m not sure how many of you know that only after almost 2 years into recovering my life from anorexia & addictions, I was diagnosed w #trigeminalneuralgia. That will be 4 years ago this Sept. Four brain surgeries in 4 years. Three fails. And I’m waiting w patience & not so much patience as I continue recovering so very slowly 10 weeks out from the last one.
The derailment over the past 4 years has gotten worse along the way. From 1 neuralgia to 3. From one side of my face to bilateral. And it takes pieces of me along the way. Leaving me clinging to my peace & hope.
And at the same time, I (along w my family, Bardie & Papa) have felt Godwinks along the way. Have had prayers that are beyond powerful. All of you & your love. Hope has engulfed us in countless ways. I know hope heals. Day by day. Page by page. #Joywarrior



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