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Will today be your lucky day? #FridayThe13th #CALottery #Scratchers


  • 36w ago jahgirrl jahgirrl

    Yes!!! Today I will be more blessed. It's my lucky day

  • 36w ago bulletx4 bulletx4


  • 36w ago blancagarciaozuna blancagarciaozuna

    Oh with the universe n god hell yes luckyπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’œπŸ’œ

  • 36w ago yes_sirdreew yes_sirdreew

    Yes sir 1k from the 100x lol

  • 36w ago og.granados.og og.granados.og

    I won 55bucks

  • 36w ago heartsmakeup101 heartsmakeup101


  • 36w ago el_jooligan el_jooligan

    Matamoros, Tamaulipas

  • 36w ago gaterrier27 gaterrier27

    I luck.2900 this month.only in scratchers.thanks calif.loterry

  • 36w ago mrs.v.330 mrs.v.330

    I hope so!!

  • 36w ago paularaeee paularaeee

    WINNING πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°

  • 36w ago realmackin99 realmackin99

    In the meantime..... I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance

  • 36w ago wouldnotmind wouldnotmind

    @alisha.deee : try #Believe πŸ˜‰

  • 36w ago iheartflowerss iheartflowerss


  • 36w ago miguelyvonn miguelyvonn

    @aliciaaxxo !!!!!!

  • 36w ago jocelyn83_ jocelyn83_

    @shanec_54 πŸ€”

  • 36w ago escaladeryder escaladeryder


  • 36w ago dennisruthie dennisruthie

    I played second chance super lottery won 15,000.00 . They gave 11,300.00 after taxes.

  • 36w ago jonathan_lumbreras jonathan_lumbreras

    @alisha.deee amen πŸ™

  • 35w ago radar_1969 radar_1969

    @dennisruthie how long did you enter in second chance? Message me ..

  • 35w ago jackpot_time jackpot_time

    500$ from 50x πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ’Έ

  • 35w ago dennisruthie dennisruthie

    @radar_1969 i have been entering for a long time. All the ones people throw into the garbage i grab and enter them. The odds are outrageous . But i keep trying everyday.

  • 35w ago bernard298919 bernard298919

    @dennisruthie I used to do it every day too but it was too much work. Having to enter two sets of numbers from the scratchers. I gave up

  • 35w ago dennisruthie dennisruthie

    @db_8989 you dont need to enter numbers, all you need to do is scan it with the lottery app. Thats what i do. Try it , it really so much easier, good luck.

  • 35w ago bernard298919 bernard298919

    @dennisruthie oh then they updated it ! Cause when I did it it was ooooo like 8 years ago.

  • 35w ago bernard298919 bernard298919

    @dennisruthie and also when you enter them do you have to save up all the tickets in case you win and you have to show them that ticket? Or you can throw them away once you scan them?

  • 35w ago dennisruthie dennisruthie

    @db_8989 no throw them all away, they are all identified when you scan them. That is how they will notify you. Check your lottery app and go to profile then go to winnings, thst is where they tell you you are a winner.

  • 35w ago dennisruthie dennisruthie

    @db_8989 good luck, hope this helps you.

  • 35w ago dennisruthie dennisruthie

    @db_8989 yes they did updated it.

  • 35w ago bernard298919 bernard298919

    @dennisruthie nice thanks !

  • 35w ago radar_1969 radar_1969

    @dennisruthie thanks for the info. My husband and me have been doing it too!

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  • 34w ago greatspellcaster_ greatspellcaster_

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  • 34w ago jaydenstarr1994 jaydenstarr1994

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  • 34w ago ciaramhf ciaramhf


  • 30w ago lovemesomechar lovemesomechar i like this new bingo game

  • 29w ago oscarsalazar3452 oscarsalazar3452

    Don’t play this they robe your money big time

  • 18w ago becksophat becksophat


  • 13w ago asunseri77 asunseri77

    I’ve won a couple hundred on one of these. However, lottery, can you not do 20X $1. It’s such a let down. When you see that 20X it should be an actual win, not a ticket

  • 8w ago shle000 shle000


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