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Have you tried Wash Day Wonder yet? Would it be overkill if I said it’s WONDERFUL 😍😍 (you see what I did there ?😏) This is a wash & go that I did on the amazing Kia @thenotoriouskia and Wash Day Wonder was instrumental in making it a success. Helps cut down your detangle time, reduces breakage, and I think it helps define the curls even more. // This isn’t an AD, but I rep this product BIG time! What’s your experience been like with the addition of WDW in your wash day routine ? •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #curlfactor #devacurl #devachan #kinkycurly #supercurly #naturallycurly #volume #hair #naturalhair #nyc #washdaywonder


  • 27w ago hismrshermr hismrshermr

    Game changer!!! My mom still helps me comb my hair😫 but it doesn’t take nearly as long and it works great for the girls too!

  • 27w ago ms.c01e ms.c01e

    Lifesaver!! My wash days are breeze these days. I also agree with the enhanced curl definition. Had to leave it home during my travels, and I can already tell a difference without it.

  • 27w ago curlycairo curlycairo

    Wash Day Wonder is phenomenal 👍🏾

  • 27w ago _kristen_lynn1 _kristen_lynn1

    It’s AMAZING! ❤️❤️

  • 27w ago

    I couldn’t agree more. I used this product this week for the first time on my own hair and on my clients hair, and it was WONDERFUL!!! Much easier to detangle.👍

  • 27w ago hilarycamillegillespie hilarycamillegillespie

    Wash Day Wonder is a miracle product!

  • 27w ago cecelovin cecelovin

    This product has literally saved my wash days. I would cry before and spend at least 3 hours detangling my hair. But now it’s not as bad. Thanks for introducing this product to me!

  • 27w ago alexcialinette alexcialinette

    I’ll have to try it! What styler or gel did you use on her hair?

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